A Pre Job Interview Affirmation To Ignite Self-love And Acceptance

While sitting on the beach this morning I took out my journal and began to write. Effortlessly. Just letting the words flow out of me, without tension or expectation. I had a job interview coming up in a few hours. These words appeared on my page:

‘My interview today is going to flow effortlessly.

I am going to answer each question with ease and confidence.

I am going to be myself, and let the deep passion and infinite intelligence within me shine.

I am going to connect with the interviewer on a basic human level – ask her how her day has been, show love, and be kind.

I am going to let the words flow freely – with eloquence and without restraint.

I am going to give it all I’ve got, be present, surrender to the moment and let myself truly enjoy the experience.’

Before heading in for the interview, I sat down on a park bench and took out my journal. I reread those potent words aloud to myself. I trusted them, and I believed them. An hour later, when I left the interview, it occurred to me that I had realised them.

I felt so light, yet full of gratified, contented energy. I breathed a deep breath and thanked the Universe and my Self, for offering me those words of love and acceptance.

I’m sure you’ve been there ~ you’re racing against the clock, stuck in traffic, your heart is pumping and a million thoughts are circulating in your mind. By the time you sit down with the interviewer, your energy is totally depleted. Then you start speaking, and every word that comes out, you attack with negative judgement. So how do we expect someone to notice how confident and capable we are, when we’re clearly not acknowledging it ourselves?

Job interviews can be daunting. It’s a time when self-doubts and criticisms naturally arise and it takes an extra dose of self-loving to keep your vibrations in check. So instead of letting your thoughts spiral out of control in those crucial moments before you meet your potential employer, find a comfortable seat, somewhere with a peaceful, natural essence and affirm your belief, in your confident, creative, intelligent self.

The affirmation above worked wonders for me, and I hope that it serves you on your job-seeking journeys too.


Katie Crouch is a part-time plant-based cook, part-time wandering gypsy – I am happiest when I am on the road, exploring our beautiful planet and preparing my lover and I nourishing vegan food to fuel our bodies for the ever-impending adventure.

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