Post Secrets


By Ilhaam Jiwaji

Many of you may already be familiar with a website called Post Secret, ( however for those of you who are not I hope you are prepared for an amazing discovery.

Post Secret was a simple concept, which produced amazing results. In November 2004, a man named Frank Warren started a community art project, which he hoped would create a place where people could feel free to share their private hopes, desires, and fears.

The idea is as easy as sharing a secret on a post-card anonymously:

When the project began, Frank would slowly receive post-cards he had passed out to people on the street, with their hastily written secrets. But as the time went on Frank began to receive elaborately created post-cards, from not only his hometown, but also all around the world. Every Sunday Frank posts about 20 or so secrets from the thousands he receives for our viewing pleasure. The project has gained national recognition, all warranted! Harper-Collins has compiled some of the best secrets Frank has ever received into five books. As well, The All American Rejects have used some of the post cards in their music video for their song “Dirty Little Secret” ( Secrets can be anything from funny little anecdotes to one’s darkest thoughts. No matter what type I guarantee you, all are worth a read.

I have my sister to thank for this discovery, as I was introduced to this wonderful website by her one weekend while bored at home. I will admit I have an addiction, and it cannot be cured. Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of Frank’s talks at the university I attend, and I was blown away. Frank is not only so down to earth but an inspirational speaker as well (I cried like a baby). Throughout the talk not only did he share some of his own secrets, but opened up about struggles he and others have been helped through by this website. At the end of his talk he opened up two mics, which were situated in dark corners of the room, for people to semi-anonymously share their secrets. Hearing the bravery of those individuals, who were able to tell a group of strangers some of their darkest secrets, made the experience all the more extraordinary. It was a type of courage I can only dream of one day attaining.

So take a look around the website and I assure you, no matter who you are, there will one day be a secret that you can connect with your own personal experiences, it may even be one you sent in!

Ilhaam Jiwaji is an avid reader, candle lover, extremely Harry Potter obsessed, and is in her first year of university studying Sciences. She hopes to move towards her goal of a healthier mind, body and lifestyle this year.

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