Pain Is A Communicator – Are You Listening?

Most of us are not so fond of pain.

We, as a culture, have been perceiving pain as a problem in and of itself for as long as most of us can remember.

Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain – there are hordes of industries that have been created all with the intention of eradicating the pain that seems to come along with human life itself. We have everything from pain killers to deep trance meditations, all designed to help us not feel the pain we are in.

But what if this is actually a fundamental misunderstanding of pain that is now blocking our capacity to truly heal – to truly become pain free, healthy, happy and joyful?

The truth is, pain is not a problem, it is a communicator of a problem.

When we put our hand on a burner and feel the sting of the heat we do not assume that the pain signal is what is wrong and attempt to feel better by taking an Advil. Rather we recognize that the pain is alerting us to the fact that the heat of the burner is causing cellular damage – it is breaking down our tissues causing death and destruction – and the pain we feel when we do this is alerting us to take our hand off the burner so that no more death has to occur. We know that until we remove our hand from the burner, the destruction of tissues is going to keep happening and thus the pain is going to keep happening. The pain cannot and does not go away until we have rectified the situation that was causing death and destruction.

This is how pain works on ALL levels of the being.

Pain is never there for no reason and it is never a problem in and of itself. It is the messenger that tells us somewhere in our lives we have gone out of alignment with that which supports life – that somewhere in our being there is death taking place rather than continual life rejuvenation – and that pain we are feeling is alerting us to this death cycle. It is calling us to change.

What this means is this – if we are in pain in any area of our lives, we are not broken nor is the pain simply there to mess with us. It is there to show us where we need to change so as to come into life rejuvenation.

This process of figuring out where the pain is coming from and how to rectify that which is causing death can be hard and complicated – as we live in a culture that is predicated upon living in ways that cause death. However, if we truly take this investigation deep enough, we will see that pain is never a bad guy, but always a messenger for how we need to change so that we can live.

Pain is a messenger. It is a friend and a helper.

Can it be that you look at it like this, give it space to speak and see where it leads you?

In so doing you may find that pain as a communicator was the thing that wound up saving your life.


Ali Washington is a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is here to support light workers in finding their truth and living from that place.

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