Why Oils Are The New Superfood Of Skincare

Superfood. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot and refers to a nutrient dense food or extract that has phenomenal benefits in overall wellbeing. Essential oils are oils extracted by distillation (typically water, water and steam or cold pressed), that take on the scent of the plant, flower or herb they are being extracted from. Yes, they smell amazing and are an incredible alternative to synthetic fragrance, however, these beautifully packaged little power house bottles of fragrance are more than just a beautiful aroma.

Essential oils literally have an array of uses from relaxation, to fighting colds and flus, pain relief, natural relief from ailments, and the list goes on. They are particularly beneficial in skin care. Today, we’re going to break it down and look at the skin care benefits that various essential oils promote, which makes these little powerhouses the new superfood of natural skin care.

When it comes to skincare, no matter what your issue is, essential oils can help. From anti-ageing, to hydration, to a holistic experience incorporating mindfulness and relaxation, there is an essential oil (or blend of oils) to suit your needs. Essential oils are being used more and more frequently in skincare because of their immense benefit for the skin and body, as well as the mind.



Really healing. It has astringent and antiseptic properties which makes it great for skin health and clearing up the tone and general vibrancy of skin.

Lavender is often used in conjunction with skin health, it is great in the treatment of acne or blemishes due to its antiseptic and anti fungal properties. It is also great for scars as it speeds up the healing process. In addition to this, it is an incredibly relaxing and calming essential oil allowing for a holistic approach to skincare by calming and soothing both the skin and the mind.

Cooling for skin and a powerful aid in oil secretion which ultimately prevents breakouts and acne, in addition to this it prevents pores clogging and promotes vibrancy and brightness.

Great at driving out excess oil from the skin and shrinking large pores.

Promotes the overall appearance of skin and really goes the extra length in a clear, healthy and vibrant appearance. It is balancing and made up of both antiseptic and antibacterial properties which makes it great for acne, soothing inflammation and promoting blood circulation. The fact that it is naturally astringent promotes the tightening of pores.

Aids in dehydration and dryness.

Very rejuvenating and quite literally can ‘wake’ the skin up. High in antiseptic properties, this oil is really invigorating and perfect for skincare.

Really purifying and soothing to the skin, it is incredible in ‘clearing’ skin.

Really good for the skin overall, this powerhouse is high in antioxidants, super cleansing and has anti- ageing properties.

Anti-ageing and particularly great at reducing wrinkles, it is known for the regeneration of healthy skin cells which rejuvenates whilst toning and lifting the skin. It also works wonders with reducing discoloration, scars and evening out overall skin tone. Frankincense is also amazing in helping dry hands.

High in antioxidants, cleansing and purifying. This oil is really beneficial for oily skin, scars and acne.

Speeds up cell regeneration. High in Vitamin E. Because it can penetrate deep into skin layers, it is very soothing and moisturizing. Whilst incredible on its own, it is especially powerful when combined with others it’s especially powerful.

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This is just a small cross-section of the multitude of essential oils and their benefits, and as you can see, it is quite extensive and it’s no wonder they are so prosperous in skincare. When purchasing skincare infused with essential oils, it is important to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable brand that used high grade therapeutic natural essential oils. We love Primally Pure and can’t go past their range. A company born out of a personal desire to delve deeper into wellbeing and a family run business. We love that their products are made with real, fair-trade, organic ingredients, without animal testing and anything artificial or made in a lab. They genuinely care what goes into their products ad everything is done to the highest standard.

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