Not A Morning Person? Here’s How To Wake Up And Get Up Early!

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The snooze button. It so often seems like our best friend in the world. It’s there when we need us, we can snuggle into the lovely silence that it allows and it’ll never let us down, right? Right?!

Wrong. (Sorry!) Because the snooze button, in all its shiny glory, is often more of a frenemy. It acts all reliable and welcoming – then slaps you in the face by making you late for work or, at the very least, groggy for the rest of the morning.

It’s a hard thing, to beat the snooze button habit. But once you do, you’ll find yourself more rested and ready to start the day. You may even – gasp – find yourself waking up before your alarm goes off, or not needing to set one at all. In that case, congratulations. You’re officially a morning person.

How To Become A Morning Person

Contrary to what you might believe, we’re not born as ‘morning people’ or ‘night owls’. We become them based on our habits and our lifestyles. And while you might think right now that you’ll never be the type to bounce out of bed and face the world with a smile, there are a few easy tricks to set you in the right direction.

Like the following:

Get Into A Bedtime Routine

Taking steps like switching off electronic devices an hour before bed, having a long bath, reading a book and doing a guided meditation will all help you to settle down for the night. Because binge-watching the latest Netflix show in bed or scrolling through your profile for the thousandth time ain’t gonna lead to a restful sleep! Start shutting your body and mind down earlier and you’ll notice your sleep cycle becoming more regular. You’ll be able to train yourself to get to sleep quicker, to rise earlier and to feel much more awake when you do.

Exercise And Eat Right

This is an important tip for any aspect of our lives; but exercise and diet are particularly important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and strengthen our circadian rhythms while physically exerting the body. Meanwhile, eating sleep-promoting foods like bananas, kiwis, almonds and sesame seeds before bed can make all the difference when it comes to getting our snooze on. (It should go without saying but avoiding caffeine in the evening is a must, too.) Once you’ve moved and nourished your body as you should, sleep will come easier. And that morning person will start to take shape!

Tip: If you have a busy schedule and can’t seem to fit in a chunk of time at the gym or an exercise class, try getting out for a brisk walk. Even 15 minutes of fresh air a day will help that mind and body relax at night! Better still, get up half an hour earlier and go for a jog before your normal day begins. The world will look a lot brighter afterwards!

Give Yourself Something To Get Up For

Whether it’s that tasty smoothie that you’ve made the night before or a letter you’ve been saving from your friend living Down Under, save something special for your morning. Having something to look forward to – to watch, to read or to eat – makes it a helluva lot easier to break free of those tempting sheets. This does not mean a long, lingering breakfast in bed watching movies or reading the papers. Save that for the weekend! But a little treat in the morning can definitely help you get out of the right side of bed.

Tip: My morning ‘treat’ is 15 minutes of meditation followed by half an hour of sun salutations. I know, it might seem like effort rather than reward – and there’s some mornings when I feel really tempted to hit that snooze button instead – but I’m always so glad to have done it! It settles my mind, stretches out my body and puts me in a great mood before I’ve even left my bedroom. Try it for a week and trust me, you’ll find yourself craving it more than coffee in the morning!

Of course, there are lots more tricks out there for becoming a morning person. Setting your clothes out the night before, getting a sleep cycle app, having sex, timing your alarm earlier to catch sunrise…there’s so many things that morning people do to make them that way.

Try a few out and before you know it, you might just be one of them. 😉


Hi, I’m Sarah. When I’m not researching and writing for The Sleep Advisor, I’m getting up early for yoga on the beach in sunny California. I’m a night owl turned morning person who has seen waaay too many beautiful sunrises to change back!

Website: TheSleepAdvisor.Org