My Yoga Experience With The Amazing And Talented Tara Stiles


I have been practising yoga for about a year and a half and it is my favorite thing to do in the whole world (apart from eating delicious vegan food). I learned how to do the poses by myself watching youtube videos from the amazing Tara Stiles. She is my favorite yogi. 
I remember in the beginning when I first started doing yoga and I saw a video of Tara doing those beautiful poses, practising with people and travelling all around the world and my dream was to be like her. 
I initially started doing yoga because I had really bad back pains (I have scoliosis) and after a whole year going back and forth into the doctor’s he told me to engage in exercise to train my back and I decided to start yoga and give it a try. But after trying it I discovered that I loved it and my back pain has almost disappeared. It is now a non-negotiable for me and something that is compulsory in my life. 
And after a year and a half watching Tara Stiles yoga videos and learning by myself with my mat, this year in July, Tara came to my city (Barcelona) to teach two classes. Once I knew she was coming I knew that I had to attend to at least one of her classes. AND I DID! This was my first yoga class. She lead two classes one on a Friday afternoon and the other on an early Saturday morning. I attended the sunset class on Friday. 
When it came the time to go to the “secret” place where all the people who were accepted to attend to the class had to go, I was so so nervous because I was going to be practising yoga with my favorite yoga teacher in the world and I was going to meet her! I could not believe I was able to participate in this amazing opportunity and experience it with so many wonderful like minded people. 
We were outdoors on top of an amazing rooftop where we witnessed a truly wonderful sunset with amazing views over all of Barcelona! We practised yoga for an extended period of time and it was one of the best experiences to me. Seeing all of those lovely people doing yoga, feeling the powerful energy of us all together with the talented Tara and with a music band from Barcelona playing live was so surreal and a dream come true. 
While we were doing some poses Tara would help people perfect their moves and she was always smiling! I love her so much. She is a positive person full of love and happiness. When we finished the class I went over and was able to talk with her for a bit and to take some pictures with her. I told her how much I admire her and she was very nice to me and told me that I could do all the poses that she did in the class and that was amazing and something I was so proud of because I learned from all of her videos! I took so many pictures with her and I hugged her ten times. 
This is definitely one of the most great experiences of my life, being taught by Tara and meeting and being surrounded with positive and passionate people who love yoga. 
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Alexandra Valle is a student from Barcelona, an animal and nature lover, who loves spending the days running, doing yoga and eating vegan foods while dreaming of living in a island full of mango and coconuts and laying on the sandy beach.
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