Model Chocolate – For Health, Beauty, and Life!

Hi to all of you supergorgeous readers at Your Zen Life! How exciting it is to see another wonderful e-place launched to share the buzz on life and living it to the fullest! Huge congratulations to Phoebe and Teresa; I’m so excited not only to be a contributor, but also to be healthfully refreshed by browsing your site.

I’m Abigail O’Neill, a health freakish mum living in Australia who models a bit and writes A LOT. I particularly love to motivate others to live healthier, happier lives. People call me an ‘inspirationalist’. Nice huh? Well, whatever it may mean I quite like it. I’m also highly flamboyant, crazy actually (it’s all the cacao – we’ll get to that) and spontaneous. I truly love life.

Today though, I’m going to share something extra exciting with you! My CHOCOLATE!!

I’ve only just released my all healthy, superfood chocolate recipe book MODEL CHOCOLATE. It’s available now as an ebook via and jam packed with over 70 sugar free, dairy free, gluten free recipes. The sweeteners I use are raw honey, raw agave, maple syrup and coconut/rapadura sugars, also dates or other dried fruits – absolutely nothing artificial or processed. There is everything from Breakfasts and Snacks to raw vegan Fashionable Desserts, with a whole chapter in between chocka’s full of Raw Chocolate Love. There’s an Elixirs chapter (healthy cacao based drinks) and Miscellaneous Recipes too, which include a couple of beauty recipes along with my ‘can’t live without it’ Chok Dollop as well as dairy milk and cream alternatives. All that said the book is as visually enticing as it is appetizing featuring over 50 fashion and beauty images captured by top NZ fashion photographer Damien Nikora. It truly must be seen to be believed!

Anyways onto the free recipe fresh from the book! I’m going to share with you the quickest and easiest ever to make raw chocolate that’s unbelievably delicious! Full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre and good fats you can eat the lot without a trace of guilt or share it as you please. Once you’ve made organic, fairtrade raw chocolate at home, you’ll never buy commercial processed chocolate again. There’s absolutely no comparison in flavour, and that awesome ‘cacao love’ feeling afterwards! Healthy highs all round ☺



This pretty, refreshing chocolate is perfect for entertaining supergorgeous people in a hurry.

60g cacao butter, chopped fine
1 tablespoon rice bran oil
2 tablespoons cashew or hazelnut butter
1 tablespoon raw agave
¼ cup raw cacao powder
1 cup frozen mixed berries and cherries

Melt finely shredded cacao butter and oil in a glass mixing bowl over boiled water. Remove from heat adding everything except berries and combine until beautifully smooth. Pour warm chocolate into a lined glass dish. Squander berries into the sea of chocolate and tilt dish to semi coat berries. The icy fruit will set it in less than a minute! Refrigerate. Serve from the freezer or fridge.

5 minutes to prepare. 1 minute to set. Makes chocolate for 4.

Enjoy! Love and chocolate xxx Abigail