Minding the Cycles

Your imagination is a paradox. It’s the most powerful and harmful tool you have. The cultivation place for every great thing you’ll ever think. It is the place where happiness is born and the place where it dies. The same imagination that finds solutions also creates anticipation and anxiety. When you are in control of your imagination, your mind is at peace. But what if you feel like you’ve lost the remote and you can’t change the channel? What if anxiety is being broadcast in your mind and you can’t stand to be alone with your own thoughts? What if worrying keeps you up at night?

The answer to managing your imagination is to regain the territory of your mind. We hear about the power of thoughts all the time. Thoughts are static in and of itself, but imagination has a fluid nature, creating cycles of thoughts. And those cycles are pitfalls.

Negativity keeps on circling if cycles are not broken. Toxic thoughts will keep you imprisoned and come back in the moments when you’re tired, lonely or when old triggers pop up. Cycles can keep you paralyzed. But only if you let them.

We have got to forsake our thoughts in order to break a toxic cycle. And that is tough. Although we say we want to be free, the fact is that we are in a certain relationship with our thoughts. It’s scary to completely let go because we go back to cycles for comfort. We are the product of our thoughts up until now, which is why the phrase “That’s just the way I am” is incorrect. You are not ‘just the way you are’. You are just the way you think. Change the way you think and you change the way you are.

Sometimes you need to capture toxic thoughts and let them go. Break free from old memories and seemingly unwavering worries about your future. Break toxic cycles by starting with a single thought.

Remember, you are the manager of your mind. You have the remote control in hand and you can switch the channel anytime you want.

Eva van der Graaf. Born in The Netherlands. Raised in Africa. MSc Animal Science. Freelance Writer and Translator. Owner of WritingBy. Hippie at Heart.