Metta for Others #MantraMonday

It’s Monday Your Zen Lifers… and that means #MantraMonday and the #SummerofLovingKindness continues

The mantra for the week is a Metta (loving-kindness) phrase for others. ‘May You be peaceful’. 

Make use of this phrase in your daily practice this week and in your everyday life.

Meditation is critical as a formal practice and what we gain from sitting we take off the cushion and share it – we integrate it into our life and world.

Metta for others is easiest when you consider a loved one (partner/bestie/child/parent). We practice with those close and easy to access with gentle loving-kindness.

But please use it pervasively; notice when your mind is agitated with anger, annoyance,  cluttered with sub-optimal emotions, comparing-contrasting, insta-shame-spiraling… see what happens as you redirect your awareness to this simple phrase. Gently, continuously, generously offering to those around you ‘May you be peaceful’. Notice how the mind calms and your view of the world expands! Notice how it can change your experience of the moment…

Be endlessly  kind and loving to those around you this week. Lean into the love! People, we need more Loving Kindness out there! Let’s do this.

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Metta for Others