May we all be peaceful

Your Zen Lifers!! … It’s another #MantraMonday for the #Summeroflovingkindness

This week we expand our Metta (loving-kindness) practice. A simple adjustment of language and focus and we move into a collective mediation inviting and including everyone. You. Me. Everyone. The phrase for this week is ‘May we all be peaceful’.

Use this phrase in your daily practice this week. Use this phrase in your world. Make it your go-to-thought. Lean into it. Remember that Meditation is a great formal practice but it really takes off when you get up from the cushion and make use of the wisdom you are gaining.

Our minds get overrun (it may be happening at this very moment!!) and we lose the shared journey experience. We separate and get fearful and other rather than join. See what happens as you redirect your awareness to bring us together – ‘May we all be peaceful’.

Gently, continuously, generously offering yourself and the world ‘May we all be peaceful’. In formal seated practice begin experimenting with visualizing you and your loved ones seated together. Visualize everyone offering the phrase in unison, in concert, ‘May we all be peaceful’. Allow the practice and visualization to build. Get into it people! Let’s be active peace engagers YZL’ers!

#mantramonday May we all be peaceful #yzl

Be relentlessly kind and loving to the world. Constant practice. Focus on the love. Love more! Go team go…

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