May I be Peaceful

Hey Your Zen Lifers… Welcome to #MantraMonday and the #Summeroflovingkindness

The mantra for the week is a simple lovely Metta (loving-kindness) phrase for self. ‘May I be peaceful’. Make use of this phrase in your daily practice this week, but also just make use of it! Meditation is great formal practice but it is also for off the cushion, out in the world as your doing your life.

When you notice your mind cluttered with scheduling, emotion, regret, comparing-contrasting, insta-shame-spiraling… see what happens as you redirect your awareness to this simple phrase. Gently, continuously, generously offering yourself ‘May I be peaceful’. Notice how the mind calms, notice the heart as it breaks open to receive, and notice how it can change your experience of the moment…

Be relentlessly kind and loving to yourself this week. That’s an order! We will build on loving kindness all month…so let’s get started

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