Letting Go Of Expectation

By Leah Harris

There are a lot of things that can steal our happiness. Many of the things that we think are issues, problems or obstacles are actually things that we can choose to let go of.

Expectation is the belief that something has to go a certain way. If the expectation is not met, the following emotions can result: stress, sadness, disappointment or even anger. Nothing can go well if expectations are not met.

The problem with expectation is that nothing is for certain. Not even tomorrow. When we have expectations it is like saying to ourselves “I can not and will not be satisfied or happy unless things go a precise way.” That is very closed minded; there is nothing to be gained or enjoyed from that way of thinking. I strongly believe we have to let go of the idea of expectation if we want to truly enjoy life.

There is very little in this life we can control. We can only control ourselves, the way we think, and the way we act and react to people and circumstances. I cannot control whether or not it rains, but I can choose to dance in it if it does. I cannot control my co-workers attitude or behavior, but I can choose to be kind to them when they are having a bad day. I can choose to be happy and grateful, no matter what is happening around me.

When I was little, my dad had a saying: “Hope is like a rope that ties you to a boat, and then the boat sinks.” I think he was on to something there, but I believe it wasn’t actually hope he was taking about, it was expectation.  Very rarely will the boat of expectation keep our heads above water.

If we put our happiness in the hands of expectation, we should expect disappointment. When was the last time something you planned turned out exactly to the tee how you imagined it would? Nothing ever really goes exactly the way we want it to and that can be seen as a beautiful thing. Life surprises you, life changes, life grows, sways and bends.

We come from dust and someday we will return to it. Find the joy in all situations. Feel your heart beating, pay attention to the air in your lungs and no matter how things turn out, find the good. Once we let go of expectation, everything becomes a blessing.

I’ve been in love with natural and holistic health and wellness for a long time, and run the wellness blog a Natural Endeavor. I’ve learned from so many people over the years, and I really look up to Erin Sampson of Five parks yoga, Even Healy for her holistic approach to skincare and herbalism, and Jason Mraz for his pursuit of natural living and getting back to nature.