Learning to Appreciate the Small Things in Life


Sometimes when I look in the mirror I cry. I cry because I hate everything about myself. But then I have my days where I appreciate who I see in the mirror, the obstacles I’ve overcome and the lessons I have learnt.

That is what Anxiety and Depression is like. You may be happy and positive one day but then the flare ups come through, turning your sunshine into darkness, your positivity into negativity, and your love for yourself turns to hatred. Learning to love yourself and life can be difficult when the darkness comes, but you find the more you work on it, like a muscle, you become stronger. Your negative thoughts are easier to suppress and turn more positive, even when your smile has disappeared.

I find that whenever I think badly about myself, or the world, I think of 5 small things to be grateful for.

1. A roof over my head, even if it’s not a fancy mansion, it is more than what a lot of people have. The size of your house doesn’t make it a home, you do.

2. Clothes on my back and in my wardrobe, even if they’re not the ‘expensive high fashion’ brands, they do there jobs in keeping you warm and protect your skin.

3. Access to clean water, I am able to bathe and drink clean water whenever I want to. Unfortunately there are so many people in different countries that would love to have clean water and nothing more. Instead of complaining how water isn’t cold enough to drink, or hot enough to shower, be grateful with what you have.

4. Food in my pantry and fridge. Some days we complain that we ‘have nothing to eat’ because we want a luxury meal but don’t have all the ingredients for or can’t afford, but what we do have is good consumable foods to give us the nutrients we need and to help our tummies feel full to go about the rest of our day. Once again we take for granted something that other countries would certainly appreciate in a heart beat, when you stop to realise this you feel more better about what you do have and what you can do to help others in need.

5. Most importantly we have our family and friends. I know some days they can get frustrating and we get so mad at them, but they are always there for us, to support and love us through our darkest days. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family and friends, for that I am truly blessed.

Yes sometimes we see things that aren’t good and we so often hear things that break our hearts, but we also are blessed with a lot more positive to outweigh the negative. There is so much natural beauty in this world that we can experience with all of lour senses. Life is incredible, and when you stop and take a moment, it doesn’t take much to remind you of this.

These are some tips that can help you get through some bad days. Just remember it is ok to take a moment to breathe, to think of these blessings in your lives, to meditate, to listen to music, to smell the roses if you will, because after all life is way too short. Live each moment to its absolute fullest, it will help you live a more positive and open minded life. We are far richer than we think by just having these amazing blessings.

I hope that this may help you as it has helped me.

Until next time


Becky x

Becky is a writer from Australia and was diagnosed with generalised anxiety and panic disorder 4 years ago. Living a more positive and healthy life has been a huge coping mechanism in healing herself inside out. She hopes to share her experiences with mental health to help others feel less alone in this world.

Instagram: @beczenbooks