Interview With…Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Photo Credit: Mark and his son Isaac Love (who stars alongside him!) in the “End of Love” official poster

Mark Webber is a father, a filmmaker, a writer, an actor, a vegan, an activist, a philanthropist and an all round fabulous guy. Check out his film “The End of Love” which he wrote, directed and starred in alongside his adorable son Isaac Love.
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 You can also see his hilarious turn in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, For a good time call & Save The Date which is available on VOD and itunes today! We are excited and honored to have him contribute to YZL.

Interview by Tez :

Mark, firstly thank you so much for agreeing to be  interviewed for YZL. We have a mad crush on you and love your life philosophy. Firstly please explain to us what that is-

Thank you! I’m so happy to be included on this amazing site, I think it’s really special what you all are doing here which is spreading consciousness. I believe in good and I believe in love. I believe we are brought in to this world with nothing but love, compassion and a desire to connect with other beings. I strive each day to remain in the moment and to approach everyone with an open heart. I believe in order to live a truly happy life, you must lead a life of service, not just to your own family but for the earth and all beings on it.

You have been vegan for awhile now, tell us what prompted you to make the switch and how long you’ve been vegan?

I grew up in Philly eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by a cheese steak for dessert. I was also smoking a ton of blunts, cigarettes and drinking 40 oz’s. Needless to say at 16, I was a pretty unhealthy kid. By chance I starting hanging out with some awesome hardcore vegan straight edge graffiti writing kids. I got introduced to my first veggie burger and falafel at 17, became vegetarian, then full on vegan at 18 and have been ever since.

What were some changes you noticed since eliminating animal products from your diet?

An overall lightness, more energy, strength, clarity, improved complexion, digestion. Basically an overall boost in my total health and mind state, and comfort in knowing that my diet is helping the planet.  

At one point in your life you were homeless and lived in a car growing up in Philadelphia. How does growing up with so many challenges affect you in your life today?

That was a very dark period in my life, but always from darkness comes light. I think that with all adversity one faces in life it comes with a gift and an opportunity to grow and evolve. I am so grateful for everyone and everything that comes into my life. I think I have a very healthy perspective on the industry I’m in and all the dangerous pitfalls that come with it. I’m incredibly lucky to be doing what I’m doing now and I cherish each and everyday like it could be my last.

You are also an amazing father. Tell us a little about how becoming a Dad has changed your life.

Becoming a father was the single most amazing moment of my life, as soon as my son was born my life became infinitely better. I now know how it feels to truly love someone unconditionally, and it’s the best feeling in the world. My son reminds me on a daily basis how to live life moment to moment, how to laugh and maintain a sense of wonderment and awe of the world.

Isaac Love was born into the world through a natural home birth. What influenced you and Isaacs mother as parents to make that decision?

Already having been into alternative health from my teenage years I was already open to the Idea. My son’s mother started reading Ina May Gaskin’s book about natural birth and that lead us into watching a film called “the business of being born”, which is a very powerful and eye opening film about the birthing industry in this country. After seeing that film and reading about Ina’s experiences, we knew that having a home birth was what was best for us and our child. It was the most amazing expierence of my life, to actually sit and hold your child with your partner as soon as they enter the world is the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced in life.

If you could go back and spend the afternoon with your 15 year old self, what would you do and what you you say to yourself?

“Hey kid, take it easy on the weed and booze and don’t take those pills Samwell is gonna hand you at Liberace’s mansion in LA when you’re 23.”

Lastly, what advice can you give those who are facing adversity and strive to better their situation to have their dreams realized?

The single most important thing you can do is love yourself. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let fear and shame take over you. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, and only then can you really be happy and ready to receive and appreciate your wildest dreams.

Twitter: @likemark