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Kimberly Snyder

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Where did your interest in wellness and nutrition begin?

It began really early, when I was a tween/teenager. Biology and anything related to it was always my favorite subject at school, and I was always fascinated by foods and feeling our best based on what we eat. At one point I was going to become a doctor, but that was not the right path for me. Now I get to focus on nutrition and helping other feel better, prevent illness and increase their natural beauty, which I absolutely love. 

In your book you talk about the importance of proper food combinations. Why is this such a point of discussion in your work?

Optimal digestion is one of the cores of my Beauty Detox program. Digestion takes a tremendous amount of energy, which most people don’t realize or focus on. You also can’t just assume everything you eat your body is able to synthesize and use to the absolute fullest extent. By being strategic and conscious of the order and combinations of foods, you are able to better absorb the nutrition from your foods, but also free up more energy that can be used for myriad other functions in your body that need more energy.

You’re a vegan, what have been the biggest changes in your health since cutting out dairy and meat?

It was not hard for me to cut out meat once I became conscious of what it truly was and where it came from. Dairy was more difficult for me- I used to love cheese. It took me two full years to fully abandon cheese, but now that I feel so much better (and my skin is infinitely better!) without dairy, you couldn’t pay me to ever eat any of it now.

Describe your typical day of eating

I always start with my Glowing Green Smoothie. I eat a big salad in the middle of the day with avocado and veggies. Depending on the season, sometimes I’ll also have some sprouted sunflower seeds or veggie soup. Mid-afternoon I often eat my Power Protein Shake, which contains chia seeds and bee pollen, as well as raw protein. For dinner I always start with a big green salad and a lot of Probiotic & Enzyme Salad (basically raw sauerkraut), then I either have a starch-based meal (quinoa, baked squash, etc.) or a protein meal (nut-pate in collard wraps, veggies in nut-based sauce, etc.)

You work with a lot of big celebrity clients, how does your approach to holistic living help those with high pressure jobs?

Everyone has stress and everyone needs love, no matter who they are. I don’t treat anyone like they are better than any other human being, and I think they appreciate the “realness”.

I put a lot of conscious love into the food I prepare for my clients, and I often incorporate other healing modalities with them, such as Reiki and yoga.

Who are some others in the health and wellness world that you admire and share a similar philosophy with?

I think T. Colin Campbell has done a tremendous amount of amazing research to further a plant-based diet, and I also really appreciate the work of Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Hiromi Shinya.

You’re an avid yogi. What changes have you seen both mentally and physically since beginning your yoga practice?

It has transformed all aspects of my life. The core of my practice is my meditation practice, which keeps me grounded in the big picture and gives me greater focus. My physical asana practice helps tone my entire body and also provides weight-bearing exercise that is so important for bone health. Yoga also helps promote better digestion, which is very important! 

What other forms of exercise do you do a part from yoga? 

When I’m in my apt in NY I walk around the city a great deal running from place to place, which is not insignificant because it adds up to a few miles a day usually! When I’m in LA I like to hike. But it is true that I am definitely not a gym person. I believe that around 70% of how you look is derived from your diet, so as you supply your body with the right fuel and continue ongoing cleansing, your body will look better and better without obsessing over excessive workout routines. 

What would you say to someone who is interested in starting their path to wellness but is overwhelmed by the conflicting information out there?

I would say avoid hype and new “short-term” diets/crashes that are often depicted in the media. Focus on making long-term lifestyle changes. Take your time, and listen to what makes the most sense to you.

If you could tell us three main things to start doing today for the betterment of our health what would they be? 

Start drinking The Glowing Green Smoothie every day, give up dairy and eat more veggies and less meat. 

Lastly, What can we look forward to in your new book?!

Presales for Beauty Detox Foods will start early in 2013, and it will be released in March 2013!

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