Do you ever stop to think what may be in that facial cream you are putting on, and when it absorbs where it might go??

The truth is, over 60% of what we put on our skin soaks in and eventually ends up in our bloodstream. With so many added ingredients promising instant blemish destruction and wrinkle decreasing goodness it’s easy to get sucked in and give it a go. Making the switch to organic and natural skin-care is becoming a large trend in the world today, and is bringing outstanding results, however many are sceptical that such harmless, natural ingredients couldn’t possibly gain the results that the advanced technology creams can… This is where they are wrong.

Most natural and organic skin-care use the goodness of things pulled right from the earth, the way nature intended. Thousands of years ago the strong chemical blends we see today were unheard of, so plants, oils, and fruits were used. So why do we feel like we must use anything other than that now? With so many other harmful factors and the risks of increasing disease that we are surrounded by today, you would think we owe it to ourselves to help our bodies out a little. Using harmful chemicals that soak into your insides may not have any instant side effects, but down the track we may just discover that the cause of all these malfunctions with health are caused by these nasty’s that we smother on ourselves every day.

Making the conscious effort to swap to natural skincare could do you the world of good, and actually bring much better results than any chemical ingredients can. Although the prices of organic skin-care products is often a little off-putting we just need to think of it being better to invest a little more now for the sake of your health in the future.

Some cheaper alternatives to use as moisturizers and even cleanser include almond and coconut oil, which you can get from any health store. They are extremely hydrating, completely natural and mostly odour free, and leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

So why not give something natural a go? Your face and body will definitely thank you for it!

Rosie is a proud Kiwi, currently studying a bachelor of Visual Communication Design, an avid junkie for all things health and wellness related, Organic/alternative skincare lover, Jesus follower, who believes that by nurturing your gifts and passions and taking all challenges as lessons, the greatest successes will become you fortune.