Im Vegan… Except When I feel like Eating Fish!


Okay so it’s become a bit of a running joke between Phoebe and I that every week is the week one of us declares “I’m going vegan!!” I always announce it like I’ve made some new discovery about myself and then sure enough 5 days later I am eating at a restaurant and the grilled salmon just sounds just way too good and I have to order it.

I went through a major overhaul with my diet over the last 5 years and I have already cut out many things including- refined + added sugar, gluten, white simple carbs (bread/pasta/white rice), deep fried foods, anything processed, soda, fruit juices, dairy, red meat, chicken, artificial sweetener, excess oils, junk food in general and I even nixed the bloody microwave!

It seems like a lot but believe me every morsel of my body is thanking me for it. So why the obsession with cutting out fish?

Fish is generally not unhealthy for you, however a lot of fish can have high levels of mercury, PCBs and other heavy metals, which are not good for you. In terms of your health, fish in moderation is actually recommended as it contains heart healthy omega 3’s which boost brain function, lowers blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol.  I personally want to give up fish because of moral, ethical and environmental reasons. I gave up red meat and chicken for these reasons so why do I consider fish to be any different?

The truth is I don’t, but my temptations get the better of me. You see, my problem is that I LOVE sushi, it is definitely my favourite type of food; beautiful fresh raw fish tastes so melt-in-your-mouth amazing to me that I get all panicky thinking that I will never be able to taste it again. I’ll be at a restaurant that serves fish and I’ll be sitting there about to order having this crazy inner dialogue with myself  “oh just have the fish..the protein is so good for you!”, “it’s a healthy fat”.. “I’m macrobiotic..!?” and my favorite “Jesus ate fish!” At the end of the day my guilt and stress over consuming fish is probably doing more harm than eating the fish itself.

So I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m not going to label myself as anything, I’m going to eat vegan food most of the time and if I really feel like fish then that’s what I’ll order. I bet that by not restricting myself with labels or rules I’ll actually find it a lot easier to cut the fish out, sometimes the pressure of it makes it so much more daunting. Life and food is to be enjoyed right? Listen to your heart and your body and let it guide you towards the healthiest choices for you- do things at your own pace and try not to be too hard on yourself.

Tez x