while frequently used in a rehabilitative manner, is an underutilized
form of therapy in the general population. This is unfortunate, because
there are a range of benefits that can be gained!

is basically exercise therapy in water. It is conducted in a heated
pool, where the hydrostatic pressure and warmth cause temporary
physiological changes. The pressure of water is 830 times greater than
air pressure. This increase in pressure surrounding the body causes an
increase in the amount of blood that is pumped around your body by your
heart with each beat and increases the amount of blood that is returned
to the heart after circulating your body, which results in a decreased
heart rate, meaning your heart doesn’t have to work as hard! The warmth
also causes all your blood vessels throughout your body to expand, also
improving blood circulation.

increased efficiency of your heart and improved blood circulation is
extremely therapeutic, with the feeling experienced akin to being ready
to fall asleep after a hard day’s work. It’s a great way to relax and
de-stress, even if you just simply sit there!

increase in blood circulation, and consequent increased blood supply to
the body, has a wide array of physical benefits as well. It loosens
tense, tight muscles, encouraging them to relax. It increases the
elimination of waste and by products in the blood and body tissues such
as muscles and organs, therefore improving organ and tissue function.
Your skin cells are also hydrated, leaving you with improved skin tone.
Essentially, it assists in detoxifying your body!

natural buoyancy of the water eliminates stress put on your joints,
providing a steady progression for those new to exercise. It is also
ideal for people returning from injury or individuals with common
problems, such as sciatica and osteoporosis, which may affect full
weight-bearing activities. Alternatively, you may just feel like mixing
up your exercise regime or seeking out the therapeutic benefits
previously mentioned.

exercises could you possibly do in water though? The answer is close to
almost everything you can do on dry land. The high pressure of the
water creates its own resistance, therefore you can be sure you’ll be
getting a good workout whether you do water walking/running, water
kicking or bicep curls (that’s right, water specific equipment has been
invented!). Hydrotherapy is also great for improving balance and core
stabilization! Use your imagination when coming up with new exercises,
and you’ll open up a whole other method of exercising!

Nisi is a 21 year old self-proclaimed athlete and full-time great guy
(again, self-proclaimed). From Melbourne, Australia. Already qualified
as an Exercise Scientist, he is close to completing his Masters of
Exercise Physiology. Tries not to take life too seriously, fails when it
comes to health and exercise. Also: dog-lover, movie-buff, gym-goer,
food connoisseur, chef, wannabe traveler.

Twitter: @Nisi_06