How Natural Is Your Natural Skincare

Our skin is our largest organ. And once that fact sinks in, it really drives it home why we need to be conscious about what we’re putting on it. Whilst traditional cosmetic products may work on a surface level, the reality is that they can often be harsh, toxic and literally permeate chemicals directly into your bloodstream. Ingredients in natural and plant derived skin care is nutrient dense and works in synergy with your skin, and best of all, safe.

The trouble with ‘natural’ skincare is that it’s often unregulated and because of this there is a little bit of a loophole that leaves it all quite ambiguous. To break it down, providing that just ONE ingredient is sourced ‘naturally’, they have every right to declare that on the label – so even if an ingredient is sourced naturally and then synthesized in a lab, it can still be called natural. That leaves it up to you, to be accountable and know your labels. Often terms Green / Eco / All Natural etc are used when that in fact isn’t the case for the entire makeup of the product. And we’re here to give you a helping hand with ingredients to avoid and ingredients to look for!
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Most often artificial unless specifically stated. Amongst other ailments it can be the cause of allergies and irritation as well as possibly being an endocrine disruptor.

Often sneakily disguised as a myriad of other names including: petroleum, parrafins or even (gasp!) mineral oil (which sounds so ‘natural’0, these don’t really provide any benefit to your skin and are used to extend the shelf life of products. They can be irritating on the skin and may be clogging to pores, resulting in blackheads and breakouts.

Often deceivingly hidden on labels under other terms, these are chemicals used to help products absorb into skin, researchers have linked these to numerous health concerns over the years and the resulting conclusion is to stay away.

A paraben is basically a preservative, commonly used in beauty products and cosmetics to prolong the shelf life, they are toxic and can cause all kinds of disruption to your wellbeing. Definitely keep an eye out of this and we’re pleased to say you will find it more and more often! Look for anything that doesn’t have parabens and you’re onto a good start.

Often the culprit in lipsticks and tints, this neurotoxin is one to stay away from. It has been said that exposure to lead can interrupt the reproduction system and also have a damaging effect on brain cells.

A primary and common antibacterial compound extremely popular amongst cleansers, soaps and other personal care products. Widely known as a pesticide – we hate to say it but you heard right, pesticide – this toxic chemical is linked to cancer, developmental issues and toxicity. Steer clear.

SLS is most definitely something to steer clear of, with studies always coming out in relation to this ingredient it is known for skin irritation, is highly toxic, is often contaminated in the manufacturing process and it can actually be an enhancer for other chemicals to enter your body.

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Coconut oil is life! We love coconut oil and use it for so many different purposes and this moor definitely doesn’t stop with skin care and beauty. It’s a super moisturising, gentle cleansing, antibacterial and ant microbial powerhouse! It’s also extremely soothing and has anti-ageing properties due to its nourishing nature and ability to deeply permeate through the skin.

With super potent antimicrobial properties, Tamanu Oil does wonders for evening out skin tone and pigmentation as well as repairing scarring. It is a beautiful, nourishing oil.

Grass fed Tallow is so nourishing and extremely powerful in skincare and health!! Derived from rendered animal fat it contains amazing ingredients that can’t necessarily be found to the same degree in plants as it’s molecular makeup mimics extremely closely the fatty acid makeup of human skin. It contains a high concentration of naturally occurring fat soluble Vitamins A, D and K – all so beneficial for the skin health.

Extremely gentle, this non-irritating oil is rich in vitamins promoting skin regeneration. It’s extremely effective at controlling and balancing oil which makes it a knock-out in preventing breakouts. Super high in Vitamin E, it is incredibly nourishing, moisturising, anti-ageing and effective in the treatment of scars from acne or breakouts.

Beeswax is really conditioning, nutrient dense and extremely high in Vitamin A which is a powerful player when it comes to skin cell turnover. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory and therefore extremely soothing which makes it perfect for skin care and natural lip balm of course.

A beautiful intense hydrating natural and non-toxic moisturizer that nourishes and smooths skin. Particularly great for sensitive skin, this is a welcome addition to any moisturiser for your face or body as well as an incredible ingredients in lip balms, resulting in soft, supple skin.

Naturally removes excess oil from the skin and substantially reduces pore size. Witch hazel also helps in the fight against acne, it is high in tannins which makes it a powerhouse in protecting and encouraging healthy skin cells. It is also really soothing and refreshing.

A poplar ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is known for its healing properties, it is soothing, anti inflammatory and particularly beneficial to skin issues.

Used by mediterranean women for years, EVOO penetrates deep into the surface of the skin and from there helps to stimulate cell regeneration and repair. It is rich in vitamin E and therefore anti-ageing,

Rose is just amazing when it comes to skincare. Containing an array of goodness, rose boasts so many benefits: it stimulates the skin, encourages blood flow, softening, calms redness and inflammation, natural fragrance, provides a cooling effect to the skin, as well has having some really beautiful holistic benefits: it is great for calming nerves and anxiety and a powerhouse when it comes to womens hormonal health.

Keeps skin hydrated. Has soothing and repairing properties and is also known for its relaxation and calming abilities which adds to its holistic nature. Magnesium oil is also really beneficial directly absorbed into skin rather than via food sources and being processed by digestive system

This gentle clay is great for sensitive or inflamed skin, it draws out impurities, is a mild exfoliant – great for removing bacteria and dead skin cells, tightens pores and is really absorbing of excess oils resulting in smooth, clean skin.

Think about how amazing your skin feels after a dip in the ocean! Epsom salts are an amazing exfoliant and considered to be quite a standout natural remedy for breakouts and acne. Because it penetrates deep into pores, it helps with blackheads and overall skin clarity. An epsom salt bath is also ridiculously relaxing and can double up as your ‘me time’ ritual!

… And, the list goes on! (**As much as we’d love to list all of the amazing natural ingredients and their benefits – we’d be here all day!)

Basically, the number one tip is: the shorter the list of ingredients, the better. And in addition to that, also look for ingredients that are REAL, rather than chemical names or codes.

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When it comes to skincare, natural is best. It’s important to know your labels, look for products that contain fewer ingredients and stick to brands you can trust. Primally Pure is an incredible natural brand that has a beautiful, holistic range of skin and body care products rich in all of these incredible botanical ingredients listed above and so many more. Their philosophy is to provide skincare and beauty products to enrich your life without compromising your health or wellbeing. We love the story behind this brand – founder, Bethany, discovered the power of eating real food had on her skin and realised that this could work for skincare and beauty too – hence, formulating her own products made with real, recognizable ingredients. When you purchase from Primally Pure, you know you’re receiving quality, products made from natural, organic, fair trade ingredients.

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