Healthy Travel

Kasey Willson

How to Be & Eat Healthy While Travelling

Congratulations! You have taken the step and booked a holiday to enjoy some well-deserved time off!

Sounds like fun… until you worry about how you will maintain a healthy lifestyle on your trip. No one wants to undo all the good work they have done to achieve their healthy and happy body and mind, so here are some of my top tips to help you to stay healthy while travelling:

Be active! When you are sightseeing, aim to walk as much as possible, or opt for a pushbike in place of a car or scooter. This will help keep your blood and lymphatic system pumping, and therefore maintain fitness. If you indulge in a few treats the night before, this is a chance to ‘work them off’. Think romantic beach walks, walking up to look outs- it makes that view even more special, as well as shopping, what better incentive to keep active!

If you are driving, be sure to take regular stops to have a stretch and move around. Perhaps even do a few squats to give your legs a bit of work, or do some jumping-jacks (star-jumps) to get your heart pumping.

If you are staying at a retreat or resort, take up the opportunity to participate in any activities offered. Nothing beats a good yoga session for de-stressing, increasing flexibility, detoxifying (through sweat) and training your core muscles.

Other activities that you may come across on your travels include swimming, snorkelling, surfing, diving, sail boarding, white water rafting, kayaking, golf, hiking, sports fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and for the more extreme, bungee jumping, skydiving and parasailing. Exercise never sounded like so much fun!

Keep your fluids up! Water is often forgotten about when you are distracted with the excitement of travel. Make sure to keep a bottle of spring/ filtered water on you at all times (best if it a BPA free stainless-steel or glass bottle), to ensure you are well hydrated. If you are in hot temperatures and therefore sweating a lot, try drinking coconut water (100%) over the day. You can’t beat this for natural electrolytes.

Make wise food choices! If you are eating off the streets in 3rd world countries and the like, only eat foods that have been prepared in front of you and which have been well cooked. In these situations, it would be a wiser option to have a starchier meal such as fried rice, over a usually healthier salad that may have been prepared with water that will upset your stomach.

Get out in the sun and fresh air! You are on holidays for a reason- to get out of the office and/or the stress of your job. Learn to connect with nature and appreciate its ability to de-stress and allow you to enjoy some well-earned time away from work.

Surround yourself with plants (rainforests, jungle, gardens, sea life), ground yourself by walking barefoot on the grass or sand, breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun! You can hang out at a resort or hotel any time, so get out and about and visit the wonders of Mother Nature.

Take some crucial support! To avoid common digestive complaints such as travellers belly, it is recommended to take a good quality probiotic for at least 4 weeks before you travel, as well as throughout your holidays. Changes in food types, combinations and preparation can cause upset digestive function for many. By taking a probiotic, this will help to balance the good bacteria in your gut, giving you a better chance to fight against any nasty bugs you will come in contact with. I personally take digestive enzymes with all meals when eating out. This is extra support to ensure you are getting the most nutrition from your foods.

If you are going to any areas with poor sanitation, I would recommend you take further natural antimicrobial support with meals. This could include herbs such as Wormwood, Barberry, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Thyme, Pau D’arco, Garlic and Oregano. Pine needle extract is an additional immune support supplement for fighting against ingested bugs.

If disaster strikes, and you do suffer with traveller’s diarrhoea, in addition to taking the above herbs, a particular healthy strain of yeast called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Boulardii) can be helpful. It works by irritating the bug, preventing it to adhere to the intestinal wall and therefore encourages its elimination from your body.

Above all have fun…and take lots of happy snaps!

Next time you plan a holiday, don’t assume you have to neglect your health. Try to incorporate these tips to enjoy a healthy holiday, and return home feeling refreshed and ready to face the working day.

Health & Happiness,

Kasey Willson is an Adelaide based Naturopath, Nutritionist and author. She embraces a healthy diet

and lifestyle and has a passion for helping others achieve their health and happiness potential.