Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

Have you ever heard the old saying; the door to happiness is love, with gratitude the key to open it? Sounds easy enough right? Except for some people, daily gratitude can be a real struggle. The idea of being grateful daily can be overwhelming for people, especially if it is not something you are familiar with doing. The meaning behind the word Gratitude, is simply, ‘to give thanks’. It is a way to communicate with the universe around us, and to say, YES! I am thankful for this moment, and want to attract more of this in my life please.

Being Grateful isn’t just a nice thing to do every day, it also is great for your health! Scientists are getting on board the Gratitude train – and have discovered that being grateful daily, can help improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure and improve immune function. Being grateful is the opposite of being stressed, and helps to connected you to your true self and to the world around you in a loving positive way.

If gratitude isn’t part of your daily routine, then start off slowly. Find a way to start incorporating being grateful into your day. Here are a few ways that you can easily add 5 minutes of gratitude into your life each day.

Tips for being Grateful: 

Saying grace – Before each meal, pause for a moment, take a deep breath and think about how this beautiful meal has made its way to you today. From the earth, farmers, chefs, etc. Say a quick thanks to them, and then bless your food for your body. The best way I find to do this is by saying ‘I bless this food with love & thanks to nourish my body, mind and soul with ease and grace.’ Not only does this put you in a state of gratitude, but it also prepares your body with positive energy to help with processing and absorbing your meal.

A gratitude journal – A gratitude journal is a beautiful way to connect to yourself for a quiet moment and reflect in thanks. You can do this at any moment of the day, however I find the easiest time to do this is either when you are in bed; so either when wake up or when you are about to go to sleep. In your journal write out 10 things you are thankful for, such as: ‘I am grateful for my good health and peaceful mind.’ Or ‘I am grateful for my friends and family and all their love and support daily.’ Once you begin, you will become more mindful of even small moments in your life for which to be grateful.

Mountain / River – At the end of the day; think of your high of the day. This is your Mountain. Then think of the biggest challenge of the day. This is your river – and just like a river, it is with us for a moment, then flows away; just like todays problems are washed clean with the rising of the dawn sun. Be thankful for both these moments and all in between.

Making Gratitude part of your routine has such a profound effect on your everyday life. Once you start focusing on what you are thankful for; you will notice more things come into your life to be grateful for, and your whole perspective on situations begins to change. For example: you are on the way to work and stuck in traffic; where you might have been majorly stressed and angry in the past at this situation, now your mind will clear this frustration fog and find the calm. You will pause and be thankful for extra time to sing along to the radio. Being Grateful does not mean you cannot be angry or sad, but it helps to tip the scale away from negative thinking into true positive thoughts.

Whether you a Gratitude-novice or an old Gratitude-pro; remember to put on that sweatband, rock that lycra, and get your Gratitude Muscle grooving and moving to that Beautiful Gratitude Beat!

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