Grounding Ritual: How To Reconnect With Yourself

Have you ever needed time to reconnect with yourself? A moment in a sacred space to seek ease and clarity?

Our inevitably busy lifestyles tend to force our souls to lie dormant within our earthy bodies, to forget about the importance of thinking clearly and feeling comfortable in our own minds.

Allow yourself the time to sit still, quiet your mind, listen to the earth and find peace within yourself. Search for the sight of the moon above a flowing ocean, find light and guidance in the stars, snuggle with Earth’s body and read aloud these words

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 7.48.19 am

sit still and perceptive,
immerse yourself in the energy
of the inevitable movement
that surrounds you.

feel the flexibility
of the sand beneath you,
see the stillness
of the stars above you,
caress the aura
of the ocean waves beside you.

let her soothe you with her ease,
Mother Nature allows you to breathe free.

Taylor is a writer and award-winning artist who is deeply influenced by the delicately complex Earth that surrounds us. She is a Reiki II practitioner who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Philosophy. Taylor aims to raise her children in an authentic, slow-paced and conscious environment with her husband on their farm. She is currently dreaming of turning their shipping container into her art studio. 
Instagram: @signed_t.elizabeth