Green Pondering


I asked myself recently whether I was environmentally conscience or not and my answer was a mixed bag. Certainly, I would never toss trash onto the ground or into the sea. I do my part when it comes to recycling my plastics, we have a large garden based on seaweed and I never waste water or energy with reckless abandon. Yet, is that truly enough or is it simply the exact amount of effort I need to convince myself that I care. But what else can I do? I thought… I may be a different kind of ‘environmentalist’, in some ways, as I also consider the other aspects of changing: as in economical, technological and sociological impacts, etc… Waste products from our techs may be a necessary evil and I doubt people would even consider doing away with the rest of our synthetic world, so that left me one thing to ponder. We absolutely have to come up with cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy. Economical growth or growth of any form for that matter relies on energy. To have caps on that growth due to reliance upon unsustainable resources is foolish. Add to that little reckoning that these unsustainable resources are polluting the world we live in.

So what do I do? In all likelihood, I am not going to build a viable hydrogen engine, as I have neither the lab to do it in or the exact know how to pull it off. Besides, I wasn’t looking to reinvent the wheel; I was just postulating ideas on a way to make a difference. Then, it hit me. The thought of the wheel, oddly enough, reminded me of a time a while back when I saw a show about bikes that could generate energy. I think Ed Begley Jr. had something to do with it and then I wondered…Why aren’t the bikes at our gym wired up for output? I am sure the output is minimal, but what if every machine in the gym was wired up for output in every gym in America? That would have to be measurable, right? Add in the treadmills, ellipticals, and whatever other cardio machines too. Heck, maybe even Nautilus machines filled with sprockets and cogs for resistance, instead of counter weights. Is it becoming quantifiable now? Of course, this is just the muses of a late night insomnia to which this forum has provided air, but imagine if they reduced your gym bill the more you worked out…motivation for a healthier America as well.

Ryan Feiss currently lives in Melbourne, Florida. Where he is attempting to write his first book. Ryan attended USF, in the field of micro-biology and has a certain aptitude for Math and Science; however, he has always wished in his heart that he could become a writer, whether his brain was geared for it grammatically or not.