Getting Your Body Moving


By Mason Taylor

When we look at our lives and the culture we live in we can often identify at least a couple
of things that we are deficient in. There is, however, a supercritical deficiency that rarely
comes up… The deficiency of movement that plagues our culture. Sure, we have a huge
amount of emphasis on daily exercise (which I agree is important to health), but seldom do
we highlight that we live in a culture that is obsessed with convenience that is promoting
minimal movement of our bodies throughout the day (unless you are working in a cardiovascular
job, in which case… lucky you!). I believe its time we truly start getting our body’s movin’ all
day long!

I feel I should highlight here that the cultures with the longest life expectancy on earth do
not do exercise. This blew me away when I read this in John Robert’s “Healthy at 100”. I
didn’t understand how these people could be the healthiest on the Earth when they’re not
pushing themselves to the limit in any form of physical exercise. It turns out this is not the

What is the key?

Removing the shackles of immobility that society has placed upon us and finding ways to
reintroduce constant movement throughout our days.

These can be things as simple as:

• Taking the stairs (work on the 8th floor? Good! Use it as an opportunity to get movin’!)
• Take every opportunity you can to walk.
• Walk or ride the scenic route instead of heading straight to your destination
• For hardcores – start sitting on the ground instead of on chairs. This is how the longest
living people on Earth (the Okinawas) do it.
• Keep stretching! Stretch throughout the day. This is especially important for people with
desk jobs.

I could go on, but the point is that there are opportunities for you to get your body movin’
everywhere, all you have to do is look for them. Start making these lifestyle movements a
part of your life and you will begin to see transformations in your vitality. If you are already
exercising you’ll be amazed just how much difference these practices can create.

Why does this work like magic?

The body simply needs to move to be efficient and function properly. If it is not moving for
a large portion of the day (like when at a desk) then we begin to experience stagnation
and blockages in the body. When you start to move your body will:

• Detoxify quicker and more effectively
• Start secreting hormones that promote health and make you happy
• Get your blood, lymph, neurons and life force flowing more freely through your body
• Deliver oxygen more effectively to the cells
• Live longer!
• Get your brain working better = body working better
• Reduce brain fog
• Experience an expanded physical potential both in strength and flexibility

I encourage you to become a mover. Start looking for those opportunities in your life to
throw convenience to the wind and get your body movin’!

Mason is the founder of, an online superfood and supplement store.
He teaches yoga, does barefoot running and is a specialist in the field of living food,
superfood and tonic herb nutrition. His mission is to shift the culture of Australia to one of
Ultimate Health.
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