Getting the Motivation to Move!

We all say to ourselves: I will exercise tomorrow. I’m gonna go for a run and do it everyday this week. I will join the gym. I will walk to work. But saying these things are easier said than done. Obviously! There are always the easiest excuses to make: I’m too tired. I’m too lazy. I don’t have enough time during the day. I have too many things to do already. I don’t have the funds to join a gym or buy workout gear.

We all have used those excuses before. And there’s nothing wrong with using them once in awhile. Last year, I would make every single one of those excuses. I never had the motivation to even go for a long walk after work and instead would sit on the couch for the evening, make dinner and watch TV. But last year I made the change and joined a gym. I changed the way I lived and began working out about 3 times a week. These are the reasons why I became motivated to work out and hopefully they will encourage others to do so:

1. Turn exercise into a hobby – Rather than seeing exercise as this dreaded chore, see it as a hobby you do a few times a week. Like going to the cinema or going shopping. Add it to your schedule and make it part of your weekly routine. If you’re sick of the gym, go to a yoga or dance class and make exercise fun!

2. Look forward to working out – Before you begin exercise, get yourself pumped up and excited about it. Say to yourself ‘I’m going to have a great workout today’.

3. Don’t listen to negative friends – There are always those friends who say ‘Why are you going to the gym? Why are you obsessed with being healthy?’ Don’t listen to the negative comments and criticism. It’s your lifestyle, not theirs.

4. Push yourself past your limits – Keep pushing your body further with every workout. Do better than you did last time. Do 10 minutes extra. It’s usually your mind that is tired, not your body.

5. Encourage others to do it with you. More fun that way! I love bringing my mom or my friends to yoga or dance classes. It makes it more social and a fun thing to do with friends.

6. Always have music – For me, if I didn’t have music I would get bored within five minutes. It’s so important for me to have fast paced pumped up music to listen to when I’m running/ walking etc. My own thoughts can only entertain me so much!

7. Give it variety – When I get sick of running, I use other forms of exercise like cycling, going for long walks, and dancing. Mix it up a little rather than having the same old workout routine.

8. Want to strengthen and improve your body – Whenever I finish a workout, I always feel great. I’m happy that I’ve done it and feel a change in my body. I never use scales. As long as I FEEL good, I know the exercise is working.

Catherine Stewart is a 24 year old Irish girl living in Vienna Austria. Loves dogs, singing, acting and travelling. Movie lover. Obsessed with Ellen Degeneres. Obsessed with keeping my body healthy.