How To Get Back To A Healthy Routine After The Holidays


It’s finally 2017 and like every year, we tend to lose focus on keeping track of a healthy routine. It’s totally acceptable if you have had a few ‘cheat’ days to celebrate Christmas and the new year, but sometimes the hardest part is getting back into your daily routine. So here are a few ways you can beat that holiday laziness.

Plan The Year Ahead

We’ve mentioned planning as a method before in the article ‘How to stay zen with a busy schedule’, and I will mention it again to highlight the importance of keeping an organised schedule. It reduces stress and anxiety leading to a healthier lifestyle and allows you to keep track of your priorities and the days you are able to take off from work or other needs. Just get yourself a planner or diary if you haven’t got one already, and begin making notes of important meetings and deadlines. Planning the year shouldn’t just consist of work. Make sure you understand your employer’s policies of taking time off. After all, taking a well-earned break can really help you recover from a stressful working period.


Remind Yourself

We forget things every day, especially if you’ve come back from a long holiday and work hasn’t once come to mind. It’s probably a good idea to set reminders. Similar to planning, but instead of the things you need to do in the future, take note of the things you had been doing previously and things that need to be carried on. If you are someone who follows a diet plan, be sure to either print that plan out so you don’t forget or make notes. With advanced technology you can save pdf files, websites, documents etc. onto your phones or tablets and access them with one touch. Utilise this and your life will be much easier.

Get Some Sleep

Over the holidays, sleep isn’t something we think much of, simply because we know we haven’t got work or a deadline the next day. As a result, we tend to go to sleep later than usual which has an impact on your overall sleep schedule. To get back on track with your normal sleep schedule before you head back to work you need to go to sleep early. Sounds simple right? But don’t begin the night before. In order for your body to get used to the normal schedule again begin 2 or 3 nights before work, so you don’t feel exhausted on your first day back. Keeping a consistent sleep cycle has been proven to benefit you in numerous ways as soon as you wake up the next day.


New Year, New Me

A very cliché statement, but you may be someone who wants to make a difference this year, whether that’s by going to the gym, transitioning to vegan or just wanting to become more organised. If you’re looking to spend your time in a gym or stick to a vegan only diet, the best way to start is research. You may be wondering why on earth do I need to do research before visiting a gym. Simple answer is there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. If you’ve never been to a gym before, finding out the types of facilities on offer and the prices they charge can make or break it for you. You might want to do some comparisons of different gyms in your area to see which one suits you best. Another variable is what type of exercise you intend to do. To put it very vaguely, there are two types of methods to working out. Cardio and weight training. Cardio is aerobic exercise in which it consists of low to high intensity physical workouts. This includes, running, walking, swimming and so on. Weight training on the other hand, is a way of gaining muscle whilst stilling cutting down on any fat. It improves your strength, flexibility and stability. A common mistake people make is that cardio is the only way to lose weight. Believe it or not but researchers actually found out that you lose more fat if you mix cardio with weight training. So next time you head to the gym try making a weekly plan of the type of workouts you want to do. However, if the gym is not a setting you prefer to carry out your training, you can still be as active at home. You can find hundreds of different workouts on the internet focusing on home workouts.

Maintaining a healthy routine will improve not only your physical health but mental too, and you will begin to notice a more positive outlook on life. Whatever your plan is, just stick through it till the end and the results will be very rewarding.