Future Tripping

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Today’s rain is tomorrow’s Whisky. My favorite quote of the moment. And not just because I like all quotes that are about Whisky, but also because this Scottish proverb touches on something that I am very good at: future tripping.

Totally not helpful and often completely unnecessary. You begin to obsess: what if this and what if that. Future tripping, or in fancy terms anticipated anxiety, is part of being human. It’s one of the blessings (or probably curses in this case) of having a frontal cortex. We visualize the imagined future and anticipate an outcome. Mostly a bad one. We calculate in the risks, all the possible things that can go wrong. Why? Because then we are prepared for the worst. We already start to lean into a sense of failure so that if it actually happens, it won’t upset us so much. At least that’s what we think. It’s a very logical process, trying to protect ourselves from getting hurt. The thing is, it doesn’t really get us anywhere. Because what if things go wrong? You only feel worse for longer and there is no point in fussing about a problem, only looking for a solution.

And what if everything goes right? You have been worrying over nothing. Focusing on the bad usually results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your attitude determines your direction. When you seek the negative, you will find exactly that.

The law of attraction is simple and true: you draw in what you focus on. We send out thoughts, emotions and vibes constantly and your vibe really does attract your tribe. Often, we receive what we expect to receive.

Look at animals. What if you were walking down the street and you saw someone walking their dog, and you’d be like: what a cute dog can I pet it? The dog would probably walk up to you, tail wagging, very happy. Positivity attracts positivity. Same goes for negativity. A similar scenario: you are walking down the street and you see a dog. To you, it looks terrifying and you don’t even want to touch it because then your hands will smell. The dog will probably walk right past you, not wanting to be near you or even growling a little. Animals catch on the vibes that you put out. As do humans, we just forget sometimes.

A problem, or a challenge as I like to call it, is not a thing. It is the way you look at that thing.

So, make a conscious effort to change your view. It is time to put on those positive pants. You are the only one who can out pressure on you. Surround yourself with good vibes, people who lift you up and it will become easier to maintain such a positive default state.

It’s good to think about the future, but stay mindful about what’s happening now. Sometimes we miss our present because we are so busy with what has yet to come. Enjoy now, be conscious of the moment, because that is all we truly have.


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