Five Ways To Live A Light-Filled Life

You know those people who have an innate glow about them? Light bounces off their faces, their eyes twinkle and they just seem to be filled with light, or some kind of magic.


Well, guess what? As much as the beauty industry may try to convince you that the answer is its latest ‘magical’ glow-inducing product – that’s not going to get you a truly luminous, light-filled glow. The secret (now not so secret) to achieving this is by adding more light to your life – in every sense of the word.


If you truly want a genuine glow that isn’t going to fade when you wipe your make up off at night, the key is to fill all aspects of you with light. And by this I mean looking beyond yourself as just a physical specimen, and grasping a hold of your essential nature – a spiritual being having a human experience.


1) Earth yourself: spending regular time in nature (daily is ideal) is a sure-fire way to add more light to your life. The term ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ may be familiar (if not, google it!) which is all about tapping in to the electrons of the earth and allowing them to work their anti-oxidant magic on your body! Spending time outside, physically connecting your body to the earth (hug a tree, put your feet in the sand) also allows the sun’s rays to deliver precious Vitamin D to you as well.


2) Add more sunlight to your diet: The closer your food is to directly synthesising sunlight (think stuff that grows directly from the ground), the more it will deliver high-vibrational, light-filled goodness straight in to your system. Fresh veggies, superfoods, fruit, and lots of purified water – all of these are as close to eating sunshine as you can get.


3) Get to know and love your chakras: These energy centres reside in your etheric body and are unseen generally but can be felt. The more open these energy centres, the more light your etheric body can absorb. Each of your chakras has a different colour of the rainbow (human beings are the most magnificent crystalline colour!), starting from the base chakra (around the base of your pelvis), through to your crown chakra at the top of your head, which is violet in colour. These energy wheels run up the centre of our bodies, whirring away in complete support of our lives. Supporting them to do their job well has an on-flow of positive benefits for your wellbeing. The health and happiness of your chakras is the key to an amazing life. Why not cleanse and balance you chakras today? One of my favourite chakra cleanses is by Belinda Davidson (www. .


4) Cosmic light-gazing: Romance yourself and watch some sunrises and sunsets. Sun-gazing during times when the sun is closest to the horizon is one of the best ways to add more light in to your life (be sure to do this safely, mind you – don’t go staring at it in the middle of the day (!), wait until the sun is about 30-60 minutes or so from setting, or the same amount of time after it has risen). Moon-gazing and star-gazing at night is also a beautiful way to directly imbibe cosmic light energy.


5) Laugh: Having fun, playing, and laughing are some of the easiest ways to shake off any heavy energy that’s weighing you down, and helps to encourage higher vibing light energy in your system. Play with children, animals, watch some hilarious youtube clips (usually involving either children or animals), head to a comedy night – find what or who makes you laugh – and GO DO THAT! Seriously, connecting to your inner child and prioritising fun is one of the best ways to invite more light in to your life, and in turn the lives of others (you’ll be so radiant, it’s gonna spill over in to other’s lives as well).


When you make a conscious effort to add more light to your life the most amazing thing happens – you begin to realise that you yourself are a light being. Actively inviting light in to your life just helps clear the way for more of that beautiful light to shine out of you and in to our world. It’s real magic!


Which absolutely TRUMPS any kind of make-up magic, don’t you think?



Carly is an international aid and development program manager, blogger, writer, mystic and spiritual mentor. Carly is passionate about people unleashing their innate beauty and power within – and shining their own amazing light in the world. Head on over to her blog Pockets of Peace for oodles of inspiration on leading a soulful, spirited and light-filled life.





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