Finding Flow In An Auto Pilot World

We live in a culture of constant change, and yet, moving with that ‘flow’ feels increasingly difficult, at least for me.

In a way, life forces us to flow with it: things happen and we respond. As humans, we’re wired to respond to the environment. We all problem-solve and make adjustments as we move through the days.

But that sense of ‘feeling in flow’ feels further away than ever.

Checking In

Stop reading this for a moment and just check in with your body. Are you comfortable? How is your temperature? And can you feel your weight resting on the floor or surface?
Great. You’ve just spent a moment being ‘mindful.’ This is a state so many of us seek out, and is one of the key methods of connecting with daily ‘flow.’

Now think about your routines and the opportunities to be in flow throughout the day. How do you spend those spare moments between tasks?

Can’t think of any gaps? Here are a few places to start:

–          While the kettle boils

–          Sitting on the bus

–          Standing by the printer at work

–          Sat in a waiting room

–          Three advert breaks during your hour of TV programme is enough

–          In the bathroom you can do mental exercises (shower/toilet/washing your pet)

–          At the traffic lights

–          While doing chores

–          Walking around the supermarket/college/work

These are the moments which can give you clues to how you’re connecting with that flow. We spend so much of our time on autopilot, that this small practise of checking in can be the beginning of transforming those spaces.

You don’t need to change everything about your life, but those little spaces are crucial to creating space in a busy lifestyle. A little mindfulness can lead to rest in between tasks, recharging those batteries. Notice if you’re dehydrated or hungry, and fuel yourself. Catch any unhelpful thoughts and just step back to ask “is that true?” or “do I 100% believe that?”

Over time, checking in with ourselves can be a simple yet powerful practise: catching overwhelm and obstacles before they pile up: both mentally and physically.

How To Check In

– How do I feel?

Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

Am I Anxious or Calm?

– What could I do about this?

What’s within my control?

– What do I want from today?

How do I hope today will go? What’s worrying me?

– If I could warn people not to do something it would be:

What am I most afraid of or what do I know will upset me?

– What options do I have if things get difficult?

Can I breathe, apologise, remove myself from the situation or delegate?

These changes may sound so simple, but in this modern world, it’s surprisingly difficult to actually be with ourselves, for the fear of suffering.

How often do you check in with the current moment, seeking that sense of flow? What do you notice on the days you check in and meet those needs before they become desperate?

I know the impact it has for me. I feel supported in the flow of the day, and at least some level of control over how I feel, even if my environment is out of my hands.

Even if we only have 3 seconds to spare, spending those 3 seconds in the flow of being is a figurative breath of fresh air in a world where we often feel like we’re suffocating.

Will you take a few seconds to breathe?


Katy-Rose is a writer, teacher and pathfinder providing reflective guidance for fiercely empowered seekers to build their resilience and live their best, fulfilling life. Head over to her website at or join her Facebook community.