Fight the power…of Toxic Masculinity

#WellnessWednesday and we are looking at a seriously need detox!

Your Zen Life is all about expanding and updating. We want everyone to feel included, seen and able to express themselves. There is room for everyone.

Part of this journey is letting go of old ideas and frames that no longer suit us. Part of this journey is actively getting rid of #toxicmasculinity

We love this image from our allies at @bbcbodypositive

We are all about men crying, showing feelings, showing up and expressing both the sacred masculine and feminine qualities they possess, because true wellness is about integration and wholeness. Men can cry too! And it’s awesome. It’s strength! And our children need these new models of men in the world. Pronto! So let’s #detox people!

How are you engaging in your expression of wellness today? Let us know!

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