Fears of Public Speaking


Fears of Public Speaking

Journey of a Modern Teenager 

First I should start off by saying that my experience is my own, not everyone elses. Also, I am in no way a professional or expert on the matter, but I drew this out of my own life. This is just a story about a teenage girl living in America and surviving high school.

I never thought I would have difficulty speaking in front of others, mostly because I have always been a loud and outrageous person at home, but when I entered high school I found that I was terrible at it. Once in English class my freshman year, I had to read a paragraph from The Odyssey in front of my peers. I got up from my seat, feeling the eyes watch me as I approached the stand, and placed my book down on the podium. I started to read. My voice quivered and my palms were sweaty, but I thought that if everyone else could do it, so could I. For a second, I looked up to see my classmates all reading along with me. I reached the last sentence, confidently mistook the word ‘beast’ for ‘breast’. Since I was in a class of teenagers, they all burst out laughing. I shrugged it off and went back to my seat as I thought it was good enough that I made the effort and got through the public speaking.

For that whole year, I had to speak in front of my classes for projects and reports. I thought that I could just get by reading fast and getting everything over with, but that was not enjoyable. I used to be in plays when I was little and entertaining a crowd was what I loved, though I never connected that and speaking to my class. It was almost the end of my first year of highschool when a poetry competition came around. Everyone was required to participate and for once I was excited. I wanted to test my theory about connecting theater with public speaking. When I got up to present my poem to the class, I imagined what the author was going through, what he felt like when he wrote it. Performing the poem was a lot more pleasant than just read it and I found that with every speaking project it makes it easier. I now perceive the audience as more of my friends than intimidating classmates.

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