Fear and Freedom



Andie Antoine


Achieving a constant state of Zen is a challenging task, even through practice. If one is able to draw oneself back to the present moment, albeit time and time again, one is able to develop a stronger and more consistent state of Zen. Acknowledge you have become consumed by life events, or acknowledge fearing an experience so to then suppressing those feelings in order to avoid them, and by doing so you are a step closer to achieving a state of Zen.

Bayda, a Zen writer, asks us to recognize the difficulties in our lives, our fears and ignored feelings, which lead us to become distant from ourselves. Instead of viewing difficult life events, feelings or fears as obstacles to our path in life, Bayda states we ought to view whatever is happening as our path, and doing so will opportune us a state of awakening.

Approach situations with honesty; honesty as to how you are feeling, why you are feeling this way, how you want to respond and why you are choosing your actions. If you are able to reconcile your actions with your mental and emotional state, you will achieve peace. In order to do this we must learn to reconcile our belief systems with our experiences in life. By examining our reactions, learning not to blame, recognizing our expectations and examining our assumptions we can break the barrier that impedes us from just being.

We need to develop a willingness to see, learn, just be with whatever we meet.

We must distinguish honesty from judgment and analysis. This process is not about picking oneself apart, dismantling all beliefs and leaving an empty shell. No, this process is about seeing personal beliefs as they are. Once we are able to clearly identify our beliefs, we are able to understand our reactions and tendencies to certain coping strategies.

According to Bayda, most of us adopt a control strategy. We seek to control our experiences in life in order to maintain comfort and security. What we do not realize is that by doing so we neglect or disregard life.  By avoiding situations or not addressing situations we are sweeping life under a rug, and instead of living life and our path in life, we are living a ‘substitute life, built on foundation of our desire to void core deep fears and feelings’.

Our fears numb our desire to live a genuine life & lead us to a state of disconnectedness. We are disconnected from our elves and the truth of our experience.

Once we are able to recognize our fears, we develop an empowerment to address our fears so to become free from them and their dictatorship on our lives. Choosing to address our fears allows us grow by learning about others and ourselves. Seek to question your actions, seek to address the difficulties in your life and you will reap the rewards of living a connected, satisfied and full life.

A 22 year old Sydney sider. A student. A human. A believer in the beauty of the imperfect individual and the power of learning. Creating her own path in life @andie_antoine