Embracing The Unshakable Grief

With the holidays and time of joy and cheer upon us, I have been reflecting on my feelings from Fathers Day in the UK earlier this year and how I felt and always feel, especially on special holidays. As I scrolled through my social media accounts and read the heart-warming messages sent from children to fathers my heart dropped to the tip of my toes and my body feels hollow. 

For no matter how many years ago it was that my father passed away, no matter how many fathers day’s or special occasions I have spent without him, there are still days, such as today, that the unshakeable grief consumes me.  

Grieving is one of the hardest parts of being human, it can either destroy us or it can make us stronger and wiser. I choose to be the latter. So today, like every other day that the shadow that follows me gets taller, I will embrace my grief because to grieve means you have loved, and that you have been loved. And as a wise man once said it is better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all

I will use this grief today to remember the father I love, the father who loves me, the father I can still see anytime and anyplace in the album of memories I have stored ready to hit the play button when I need to. Because those who we have lost never truly leave us, their words linger in our minds, their faces smile back at us on the photographs around our homes and their love remains in our hearts.

If you have recently lost someone I hope these words comfort you, know that it will get easier. After the darkest of nights the sun always rises. 

If you, like me, lost someone you love many years ago, I hope these words comfort you. Grieve, you are still allowed to. Embrace that grief for it is part of who you are. 

Remember, smile, and let go.

Love and blessings



Mikaela Standing is a lover of words, photography and travel.  After many years wandering around lost she is finally walking on her true path and wants to use her experiences to help others on their journey.


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