Don’t Believe the Headline Hype


So here at YZL we have an obsession with everything Roberto Chavez the author of this blog post. Teresa has been training with him at the downtown Los Angeles YMCA 2 x per week since February 2012 and has been so impressed by his work as a trainer but also just his philosophy on life. Roberto has a strong interest in actually creating change and being apart of the movement of people wanting to inspire others to live our most impactful and fulfilling lives. His infectious personality and passion for health and wellbeing makes him the perfect regular contributor to Your Zen Life.

Don’t Believe the Headline Hype

by Roberto Chavez

One of the many themes I will discuss in my weekly blog is the importance of changing one’s lifestyle in order to reach and sustain one’s health and fitness goals. With that in mind, I need to address the pervasive nature of misinformation disseminated on a daily basis by mass media, many personal trainers, as well as celebrity and fitness publications.

“How to Lose 12 Pounds in 30 days”, or, “Flat Abs Fast”, and my personal favorite, “Walk Off Weight In Winter”. These headlines of course are usually combined with a picture of a celebrity in a bikini. None of these headlines are true. Many of these celebrities have the benefit of personal trainers, nutritionist, time, etc. To have a “killer” set of abs, or a “Bikini Ready Body” requires discipline and hard work. It just doesn’t happen in 2 Weeks, 2 months, or for some not even 2 years. Not to mention that many of these celebrities already have a certain level of fitness, thus it is that much easier to attain such advertised results.

There are a multitude of factors that come into play in order to get the body you have always wanted. 25% of it happens in the gym or by working out. The remaining 75% is all about diet (what you eat), adequate sleep, and stress reduction. Gaining the results you desire requires the full 100% working in concert for an open ended period of time.

A three month program will garner you results, but are they sustainable? Do you have to deprive yourself of certain foods? Is it balanced approach? Do you have to go to one fitness extreme or another? These are the questions you should ask yourself when spending money on the latest “diet” book or hiring a personal trainer.

So do yourself a favor, do not fall prey to such misleading information and avoid trainers and publications that perpetuate such falsehoods. Most importantly make the decision to change your lifestyle once and for all. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Follow my blog for straightforward information on health and fitness. Maximize your time and not waste it on things that don’t work or that are just plain false.

Roberto Chavez is a nationally certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, and endurance athlete. After receiving an MA from CSULA he decided to change his career path and took a grand leap of faith by deciding to immerse himself in the world of fitness as a vocation. Since then he has accumulated several fitness certifications from AFFA, NASM, Bally Total Fitness, and the Ketchum Downtown YMCA, all while simultaneously completing several marathons, duathlons, and triathlons. Roberto presently works at the Ketchum Downtown YMCA. He is also Race Director and co-founder of the 5K for Earth Day in Chicago, through which he teaches the community the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

twitter: @youcanlift