Cruelty-free inspiration with Jackie J and Natch Beaut, by Brooke Stone


There is nothing LESS zen than rubbing harmful chemicals in a sweet bunny’s eyes, which is why we want to introduce you to one of our favorite beauty podcasts – NATCH BEAUT. The host, Jackie Johnson, is not only supes fun, but she also really cares about the world we live in. Natch Beaut isn’t necessarily a “vegan” podcast, her guests are encouraged to share whatever it is they’re using, BUT she has a strict personal rule – vegan and cruelty free only baby! Maybe the brand you like doesn’t test on animals… but does their parent company? Jackie knows! And she will tell. She’s armed with a wealth of info and she’ll help you put your money where your mouth is…(if your mouth ever says, “I love animals”.) Sit back, relax and let the fabulous Jackie J’s words inspire you to be a better human. And then go listen to the pod!


You’ve been doing comedy forever. How’d you make the jump into the podcast game?

It all started on SnapChat one glorious spring afternoon. I always wanted to rant about what’s going on in my life on social media, but hesitated because I didn’t want my parents/friends to see it and think I’ve lost my mind. When I got on Snapchat, there weren’t a lot of my close friends on it, so I could dance like no one was watching. Slowly but surely, my audience grew there. Did everyone think I was insane? Yes. But the positive response was what encouraged me to take this to a platform where more people could hear/enjoy it, and almost every comedian I knew had a podcast, so it seemed like the perfect place to go! They are relatively easy to make and cost a lot less than a TV pilot, which I would also do if the opportunity presented itself. I’m available for a call, Universe!

It’s very important for you to open the dialogue about animal testing and cruelty free products. When did you personally make the switch? And why is it important to you?

Animal testing is something I never even thought about honestly. Like many of us, I was just a cog in the consumerism wheel, buying whatever was on the shelves blindly because that’s what we are told to do. It’s so easy to just push injustices that aren’t tangibly in front of you aside; it’s the American way. I went vegan in 2010 for health reasons, but that slowly evolved into ethical and environmental reasons as well, so researching the products we use and the companies we support was the next step. And I was appalled to discover that the vast majority of our big retail brands test on animals. Going through the drugstore just to name a few: Cover Girl, Revlon, Maybelline, Loreal, Secret, Crest, TRESemme – it’s downright shameful!  It is important to me because I am a total animal nut. My dog is my best friend and my angel, and the thought of her having her eyes rubbed with shampoo then thrown into a trash bin is horrifying obviously. But that’s the least nasty thing they do – and I no longer wanted to support it. Luckily there are some fabulous brands out there with ethics that are making waves, so we have options. So everyone out there: vote with your wallet!

What are some of your favorite cruelty free/vegan brands?

For drugstore, it’s Wet N’ Wild (they’re not all vegan but they’re aiming to be soon), Pacifica Beauty and Yes To! For higher end it’s Cover FX, Hourglass and Kat Von D!

Can you tell me what triggered you to become a vegan….being from Texas, where the BBQ flows like wine?

Oh, I use to chow down on meat. I did for 25 years. That is always what people feel the need to say to me, “I could never be vegan, I’m from (insert city know for its meat here)”. Bitch, I’m from DALLAS. You think I don’t know my way around a BBQ brisket sandwich with a side of fried chicken? We all have been taught to eat meat and not to question it, even though I had struggled with the cognitive dissonance of eating animals since I was a kid. I think Lisa Simpson becoming vegetarian in the “Lisa the Vegetarian” episode of the Simpsons was the first I had ever heard of such a thing. I tried to be vegetarian as a kid but I only lasted a couple days cause it was “too hard.” But in 2009 I saw a woman on set with me reading “Skinny Bitch.” I inquired her as to what it was about (the title intrigued me), and she tossed me her copy and said I could keep it. Spoiler alert: It’s about going vegan (and I’m not thrilled with the title in retrospect, but it was meant to get attention and that certainly worked on me, and I do recommend this book to anyone thinking about going plant-based as it’s fair to say it changed my life) and after reading it, I was eager and more equipped mentally to revisit no longer eating animals. We are all on our own journey and mine took 25 years, so I don’t judge others for what they eat.

I bought the “Liquid Catsuit” that you told is all about, as did SO MANY OTHERS because of the pod. What’s it been like influencing all these people?

The best part of this whole experience is the messages I get that people are going cruelty-free because of Natch Beaut. This is how the companies are going to change! The more and more we are educated on what we are buying, the more and more we stand up for our ethics with our purchases, the more and more companies are going to stop animal testing. That is my hope! So yes, everyone buy Wet n Wild liquid Catsuit! It’s one of the only vegan and cruelty-fee lipsticks at the drug store!

Natch Beaut is killing it and people in the Facebook group are getting into it in a super fun way. What have fans been emailing?

My emails run the gamut. Some are very positive and supportive, like Natch Beaut inspired them to go cruelty-free or helped them during a hard time in their life, and some are very mean and personal. But that is the game! And I am happy to be in the game and am learning to cope with the inevitable haters. But I don’t respond to every email anymore cause just like Natch Beaut is all about, sometimes you have to prioritize your self-care, and I’ve gotten carpal tunnel since starting Natch Beaut so I gotta rest these paws!

What is the most important thing you’d like people to know about beauty?

Beauty comes from WITHIN, honey. Whatever you wanna do on the outside, the goal is to make yourself feel gorgeous on the inside. So tune out everything else and take care of yourself in whatever way that makes sense for you, your confidence and your wellness.




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