Creating Time For Yourself Each Day

As you lie in bed at night, take a moment to think back through your day.
What did you do that was just for you? Did you take even just a few minutes
to be alone with your breath and check in on how you were feeling?

In our fast-paced, modern world it can become too easy to lose touch with
our feelings and get swept up in the daily grind. In order to give of ourselves
fully to others and be truly present in the world, it is essential that we take time
out of the day to nurture and develop our own self-awareness and foster a
deep relationship within ourselves. Taking time away from work, social and
family commitments may seem selfish, but unless we do have time to remove
ourselves from the ‘hustle and bustle’ to recharge, refocus and re-energise
we cannot offer the world our very best. By getting in touch with our feelings,
thoughts and emotions we can develop a consciousness of our own needs
and know when we are pushing ourselves beyond our limits and need to take
a step back. In doing this, we prevent common modern day symptoms of burn
out, exhaustion and fatigue which come from stretching ourselves too far in
order to meet our own or others expectations.

Set an alarm on your phone or computer to ring every hour, and use that as
a cue to stop whatever it is you are doing and take note of what is going on
in your body. Close your eyes, breathe and connect with what is happening
internally. Use those few minutes to gain some perspective on your day:
What are you doing? Is it necessary? Are there other jobs that would be
more helpful for you? What have you done for yourself today? How are you
feeling; are you tired, angry or tense? Sit in silent meditation, go for a short
walk outside in the sunshine, or start a gratitude journal and write down all
the incredible blessings in your life. Begin by making the effort to notice all
the miracles in your life, and soon these positive and grateful thoughts will
become part of your everyday, replacing negativity and self-doubt.

By doing this regularly during the day, you will begin to foster a deep, natural
connection with your own being, and the ability to acknowledge your own
needs in the future. By nurturing yourself, you not only help yourself but all
those around you as the ‘you’ that you are able to offer will be focused, calm,
energized and glowing! And we all know that being around a person who
radiates joy makes our own lives more joyful – start spreading the love, by
starting with you!

Lauren Rose Burke is a writer, yogini and passionate health foodie from Sydney who spends her days drinking tea and dreaming of living in a house made of almonds and goji berries with a stream of coconut water outside…
Twitter: @LaurenRoseBurke
Instagram: @laurenroseburke