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    Hi everyone!! We are so excited to open up the forum for question submissions for series 2 of Q&A Tez Talks, where Teresa will answer your questions!! We’d love to know what you want to know! Do you have questions for Tez? Anything specific within the health and wellness realm? Anything you would like to know more about? Please share your questions below and Teresa will try and answer as many as possible, we will be commencing filming soon so stay tuned for when series 2 goes live!
    Thank you!!
    Cassandra x

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    Hello! First of all thank you for creating this beautiful space, I love it! And the videos are extremely helpful 🙂 My question is: how do we know what is the right path for us? how do we know we are making the right decision?

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    Will you do any YouTube type videos such as challenges, skits, and collabs in the future for your channel? I would love to see that and it would be really cool if you become a YouTuber

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    Isabelle Ellingson

    Hi! I have loved this series and am so excited for the second series. My question is: has finding yourself spiritually affected how you interacted with people? Has it affected how you go about your relationships? Has it affected how you raise Bodhi?

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    Hello. First of all, I know I’ve asked this before for the first series of Q&As but it wasn’t answered when I watch all the previous episodes: Do you listen to music to relieve stress? If so, what kind of music?

    New questions:
    i) What do I do I am having suicidal thoughts?

    ii) How do you cope with work and life like, for example, filming scenes and spenting time with family?

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    Young Lee

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    Amanda Taylor

    Teresa, can you share some of your favourite dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner & some of your favourite workouts?
    Amanda Taylor

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    hi tez, my question is : can you decribe your fans and our yzl community in one word please
    i love you

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    Gavin Alvares

    Can you tell us one of your creepiest or scariest stories of all time. By the way love your movies hope to see you in later films 😝 – Gavin Alvares

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    What is your favorite tv show and why? much love from France

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    hello, my question is what is your favorite place on Earth and why?

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    Hi, Tez!
    Can you give some advice on how to handle differences in spiritual/religious beliefs in a romantic relationship? How do you suggest finding a middle ground in regards to beliefs? Love your work! — Eric A.

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    Big YZL fan and even more so of the Tez Talks, keep up the phenomenal work you and your team are doing!

    Here are a few questions I have been saving for a while now! (lol) :

    – You mentioned sourcing your happiness through a partner/boyfriend, or career (I’ll be happy when I get a promotion/make more money, I’ll be happy when he proposes and we are married, etc..)….However, can you give some tips on how then to better source your own happiness? Ie. Where to source it from, instead of the toxic places mentioned above, and how to go about doing so? (other than attempting to stay present more often/just enjoy life around you)

    – As someone who has struggled with anxiety and overthinking, I would love to hear your guidance or beginner’s tips for those attempting a deeper spiritual connection (primarily: meditation)? I’ve downloaded an app that has proven useful, but would love to hear your personal advice. Also, creating your own zen space — some advice on that and overall achieving your own spiritual contentment.

    – Any advice for those who struggle with letting go of the past and embracing what the present has to offer us, and what the future could have in store for us? I am a 26 year old over-thinker whose happiness is constantly thwarted by over-analyzing the past (decisions, experiences, etc.) and how different my life might have been, had I taken a different path… Would love to hear tools and guidance on how to better appreciate the present and come to terms with the past in order to truly appreciate the present & future.

    Thanks again!
    Much love from Canada.
    Genevieve Crete

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    Hi Teresa!

    First of all I just want to say thank you. Your Tez Talks alongside with yourzenlife has helped pull me out of some dark places and allowed myself to open up, dig deep and find my truth. Your words of encouragement, advice, and positivity has guided me along the way so again, thank you.
    Now for my questions (:

    1. How do you stay positive and keep focused on being your most authentic self without letting family members negativity and judgment affect you?
    2. How would you set boundaries or stand up for yourself without coming across disrespectful, rude or hurtful?

    Love and gratitude, Katie ✨

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    Hi Teresa!

    I’d like to ask a few questions, I hope they are not repeats from others:

    1. You’ve mentioned a few times that you like to ask people about their spirit and their way; that this is a great way to get to know people, and have soul conversations. Are there any specific examples for questions we can ask? In a video you mention “How would you like to be remembered when you die?” but I was wondering if you could suggest others? Especially questions to ask to learn about someone’s spirit/way without explicitly saying that that’s what you’re asking about (if they’re not as spiritual or enlightened, asking “what does your spirit look like/what is your way” might confuse or even scare them)? Thank you!!
    2. How do you surrender control without fearing that in doing so, you might be jinxing yourself to fail? I know you talk about how fear causes a desire to control and that we must just find peace and know that it’s going to be okay, but really, how can we be okay knowing there is nothing we can do? The universe will bring us what we need, but when we want something so much, it’s so hard to not try to help it manifest. We must have some responsibility to participate in making our dreams come true, right? Otherwise, if it was up to the universe entirely, there would be no need for ambition and free will. I would just hate to miss an opportunity to make something happen for myself because I was sitting back and hoping the universe would do it for me. Does that make sense? Thank you again!!
    3. What advice do you have for relationships? Have you read any of John Gray’s books (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)? I remember you saying how important open, calm communication is, but do you have any specific techniques or strategies for non-emotional communication with your partner? Or how to accept your partner fully, how to work harmoniously together, how to avoid conflict and how to support one another?
    4. Do you use all Artistry products or other products as well? I’m interested in finding natural skin/hair care products that are affordable – what works for you?

    Looking forward to watching your next series – I loved all the videos from the first! Thank you for being such an inspiring influence on my life,

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    Hi Teresa! First of all thank you thank you thank you for such honesty and truth that breaks through the noise of the internet at times.

    My question is: As a spiritual person who is in tune with the different frequencies/energies of various faiths, how do you seem to navigate the universal shifts of the main elemental energies, such as Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit? Which one do you feel the most connected too?

    For example, when you there is too much going on around me, I seek out Earth energies. When wanting to go deeper, I seek out the sea, lake, etc.

    With gratitude,

    Josh from Atlanta, GA 🙂

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    Kenton Jetton

    Hey, Teresa,

    I love your videos, and I really appreciate all of the work that goes into them. My question is on the concept of aspirations. I know it is unhealthy to put too much stock in expectations, but what about the pursuit of fulfillment for say a poet, or a painter, or a novelist? How have you found a healthy medium in your life between the achievement of success in worthy pursuits and the avoidance of expectation and the proverbial “if only?” How have you made progress in goals that really do lead to happiness, vs goals you only think will lead to happiness, and how did you distinguish the two from the outset. Or did you?


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    Hi Teresa,

    I’m sorry if this question or one similar to it has been answered before, but I was wondering if you had any tips or general guidance for someone who would desire transitioning into a healthier/plant based diet, but is prone to having picky eating habits when it comes to vegetables?


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    Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for these talks – I love them and you so much!

    Not sure what the situation is like for you guys in LA, but here in Melbourne Australia vaccinations are now compulsory for kids which I find terrifying. I don’t have kids yet, but when I do I want to be able to make informed choices and it really scares me as I am anti vaccination but also pro-choice. What is it like there in LA? If you did have to vaccinate, how did you feel about that? I know I had them when I was younger and they had adverse effects on me that affected me for a long time until Kinesiology balanced the health issues. I know it’s a sensitive and controversial issue so if you can’t answer then I do understand why. Either way, it was a chance to let you know how much I adore you.

    Love Jac xo

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    Hi Tez! Thanks so much for all that you are doing for all these wonderful people out there! You truly are a beautiful soul and I hope you are so very proud of yourself!

    My question is;

    What are some tips on learning how to love yourself for who you are?

    How do you stop focusing on the physical parts of yourself that you don’t like?

    I’ve struggled with body image as I’m sure many others have my whole life and find it sooo hard to just love myself!

    Xx Renee xX

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    Hey Teresa, I love TezTalks and Your Zen Life! I am very inspired by how positive you are. What grade did you teach or did you want to teach before you became an actress and why?

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    Love this series 🙂 A couple of questions:

    – How important is it that your partner is on a similar path to you spiritually, and can it work if they are not?

    – Is living in Adelaide or LA more conducive to your preferred lifestyle?

    Thanks xx

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    Hi Tez/Cassandra,

    So I stayed up until 3am last night watching all of your Tez Talks and I think you are my spirit animal!!!!
    I am 29 (30 in 2 weeks), long time vegetarian, from Rural Victoria (Australia) and I have an almost 2 year old little blonde boy (Taj) and we share so many similar views and life experiences.

    My question is despite you being kind, loving, open & peaceful do you come across people that make it clear that they just don’t like you no matter what??
    I know that not everyone is meant for everyone else and I never used to mind if people take me or leave me but since having my Son in Dec 2014 ( I live in a small rural town which I love but it has it’s downfalls also) I find it hurts me alot when the other Mums aren’t accepting of me or deliberately cold shoulder me as I guess I don’t fit the usual “mould” of traditional Mama with my lifestyle and spiritual beliefs. I find it hard to connect with like-minded people in the area I live as anything outside of the usual is not very well accepted I guess? But I think about it alot and it’s really getting me down lately as I think I am kind and generous and loving but despite this it’s made clear I’m on the outside 🙁

    Just wondering if you had experienced anything like this?

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    Hey Teresa, I really think the positive messages and thoughts you send out impact many people, and my question is: What is the best way to deal with struggle? And, What do you do to create inspiration in yourself?


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    Dear Teresa/Cassandra,

    I’m so excited for the TezTalk 2.0!!
    Here are my questions for you:

    1. Any tips for someone who has difficulty connecting with other people?

    2. How to attract the right people into your life? (friends,partner,community)

    I look forward to your next videos!

    ❤ 💕 💖,

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    Hi Teresa!!

    Love this community!!!

    My questions are:

    Do you have any pointers to help stop fixing those you love the most? (I know you mentioned you are like this and I sometimes have trouble being too critical of those I love the most)

    Thanks so much!!


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    Hi Mrs. Webber,

    HiddenK here, loved this site since day 1, hope to spread some good discussions but failed horribly as they were taken down, lol. Probably for lack of discussion haha.

    Anyways here’s my questions, two very different ones…

    1) being as awaken and intouch as you are, have you felt any of the sometimes clearly presented negative forces from media? Like esoteric/occult type, spreading negative energy to depress the masses?

    2) Sometimes, even when we are intouch and know the positive passage to take, we just wanna say “what the f$&k” and do something because we just feel over it. What do you find yourself wanting to do to just kill the time and not be anything?

    Hope these are different enough.

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    Hey Teresa,

    I absolutely love your Tez Talks; I came across them about 3 months ago. I admire your honesty and transparency very much. I am still pretty young (19) and only recently began focusing on my personal and spiritual growth. In many of your talks, you mention Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. After hearing you refer to the book several times, I decided to read it. Reading this book has had such a profound impact on how I view the world and my interactions with others. I realized that by being “present”, I am less anxious about college/academics, future career goals, finances, and other concerns millennials face.

    My questions are: How long ago did you read Tolle’s A New Earth? How did this book, and possibly his other books, influence your own personal and spiritual growth? How do you bring “presence” into your life?

    Thank you for taking the time to make this series!

    Ajane’ Ramsey

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    Hi Teresa,

    How do I stay truly focused on the now, and stop worrying about the future? I love Eckhart Tolle’s idea of imagining energy in the palm of your hands! Do you know of any other quick relaxation techniques for when you’re not at home or in a comfortable place to meditate?

    Thanks so much!


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    Hi Teresa and Cassandra,

    I so appreciate this space you both created, especially the Vlogs. My question for Teresa is this: How did you begin to change your reactions to people/events as you became invested in mindfulness and started delving deeper into your core? Did you find it difficult to be around people you have known for years, and continue to change?

    I ask this because I find that when I’m around family members or friends who have known me for years, and have distinct opinions about the person I am and what I value, I often fall back into old (often negative/rigid) patterns of thinking and behavior. When I observe others around me, I find this to be a common trap. Many of us respond to our environments without being fully aware of how we are playing the roles others expect of us. It’s very disconcerting to feel split between who we are and who others think we are. As much as I continue to evolve and explore new ways of interacting with myself and the world, I struggle to break free from my past.

    Thanks for your time! I truly value your words.


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    Hey, Teresa! Thank you for bringing dedication, generosity, vulnerability, focus, energy and love to each of your responses. I know it can’t be easy with all of your responsibilities, but your words are immensely affirming! Questions:

    1) How do you build trust in yourself and a new partner/friend? Do you have any questions you think are imperative to ask to open up vulnerable dialogues and share the harder parts of your past?
    2) How do you balance surrendering control with ambition? Sometimes, I feel acceptance hinders accountability/work ethic. Thoughts?
    3) Similarly, what professional resources (networks, advice books, organizational methods, personal finance theories, etc) do you find spiritually enlightened but nevertheless empirical and effective?
    4) Do you know of any professional or volunteer organizations with similar cultures to YourZenLife? I’m a young professional without a lot of time or money to spare, but I want to find a few ways to serve when I can, preferably face-to-face.
    5) Putting legal advice aside, of course, do you think it’s spiritually healthier and wiser to rebut/litigate damaging lies to protect your reputation/profession (but at the expense of the liar’s humiliation and further provocation/threat) or to ignore harassment as long as it doesn’t physically threaten you? Any advice for those facing anonymous/online harassment?

    Thanks again!

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    Hello Tez,

    I’m a perfectionist and wanna control everything. With the time i realised that this kind of living is neither healthy nor really working.
    Do you have any tips on how to let go and just be open to what is coming?

    Thanks for being an inspiration and doing these Tez Talks, they are my very favorite 🙂

    Lots of love

    Marie from Germany

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    HELLO HELLO HI HI HI!!! Omg! I have been following your Tez talks since the beginning of time and am so happy you have been continuing on with them. Thank-you Thank you Thank you for all your amazing and bright wisdom! you are an angel!

    My question is how do you let go of something in the past that is effecting you daily?? how do you work through letting go?

    I’ll be a fan of yours forever! Thank you for being you! good luck with your approaching delivery! 🙂

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    Hi Teresa,

    My question is just about how to deal with anxiety and stress, I have found (as I am currently a university student) that I have lately just become overwhelmed, anxious and stressed about the amount assessment, homework we have as a result I found that I have no ‘me’ time or time just to be by myself and enjoy calm. Do you have any tips for dealing with a stressful day to day and how do you find any ‘me’ time when you just have too much to do.

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    Hi Teresa, firstly you are such a uplifting spirit- You have helped me find light in my life in so many ways.

    My question is about opening up. I have trouble letting people in, especially in regards to love. Im not sure how I have become like this because my parents are leading by beautiful example, but I’m 22 and whenever i find myself at the start of any blooming relationship i try to find excuses as to why it would not work and then shut them out. Any tips on how to let people in?

    Much love, Katrina

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    Hi Tez,

    I’m a person who’s thinking/worrying too much (for example: about an event that’s happening on the next day – about the future/past – how something could be/could’ve been) and as a result of that i do have a lot of fears.

    Do you have any advice on how to find inner peace and focus on the present?

    Thank you for everything.

    Marie from Germany

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    Hi Tez! thank you so much for making these fantastic videos! my questions is: how do you stay disciplined/ensure that you are always taking the right steps to live your best/most joyful/most authentic life? if you find yourself going of course what do you do to remind yourself how you want to live your life?

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    Amanda Taylor

    Teresa, what did you eat and exercise like when you were in high school? Would you go back and change any of those habits?

    PS- This community is beautiful. I love how open and free everyone is to express their opinions and help others. It’s just the empowerment I need right now in my life. Much love xxx


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    Hi Tez,

    Loving these Tez Talks series! Here is my question:

    What was the household you grew up in like and how did it influence the directions you decided to take in life?

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    Hi Tez,

    I started my zen journey a year ago when I stumbled upon this beautiful website and it helped me a lot with overcoming my eating disorders I’d had for years. However when I started travelling some months ago I started gaining a lot of weight which is bringing back bad thoughts and I’m now developing an unhealthy relationship with food again but where I overeat instead of starving myself, and don’t know how to stop.
    From your previous Tez Talks videos I have gathered that you may have had a time in your life when you were struggling with eating disorders and unhealthy body image. If this is true and you feel comfortable talking about it, do you have any advice on how to get back on track with healthy eating habits and mindfulness when you’ve taken a step back in your recovery/journey and feel stuck?


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    Hi Tez,

    I have another question. In your Q&A episode 13 you’re talking about toxic relationships within family and to keep them at arms-length. I have a sister who is very selfdestructive, selfharm, drug- and acohol abuse and eating disorders. We are very close, I love her above all else and want her to feel that she can talk to me and I want to be there for her and support her at the same time as I know that it is hurtful for me to be around her.
    Do you have any further advice on how to set healthy boundaries within the relationship but still being able to be there for the person and support her/him? Is this possible?


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    I have a question about relationships.

    When you have had many failed relationships, how do you know when the next person will work out?

    I mean I see alot of people start living together, having children and get married within a year and some of those relationship works out. Soemtimes it seems like a risk.

    How do you know when a person is the one? Is it something you feel? How do you know that this is the person you want to spend you life and have a family with?

    If you can give me any advice I would appreciate it, thank you.

    Ryna from Belgium.

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    Hello Teresa and thank you for the first series!

    I was wondering about your diet. Apparently you were vegan once, what happened so you decided to be omnivorous again? How do you justify it to yourself? And have you seen Gary Yourofksky’s Best speech from youtube? If you haven’t, I can recommend it from my heart 🙂 All the best to you!

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    Hey Tez!

    In the last time i do struggle a lot with not knowing what is right and what is wrong, what i want and what i do not want, etc.

    Do you have any tips on how to find the right path in your life and following your intuition?

    You’re my number one inspiration, i wish you only the best!

    Marie from Germany

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    Thanks for all the inspiring videos Teresa, I literally can’t stop watching them over and over again and while doing so feeling my energy and mood shift.
    So keep inspiring us with your beautiful thoughts and way of living!
    You are honestly my spiritual guide for almost the past year.
    So thanks!
    Now what I would love to take some advice on is this:

    “How do you deal with jealousy toward your partner? And how do you overcome his past, as well as jealousy toward his ex or their ex-relationship.”

    I am literally a “past sucker” and fore some reason I find it really hard to keep going in a relationship and not thinking of his ex relationship/s.
    P.S. Sorry for my crappy English, but I live in Greece and I keep practicing on them.
    Thanks in advance.
    Enjoy your life journey and it’s beautiful impact on our lives.
    I send lots of love.


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    I see how you raise your son and also how behaved your pets are.

    My question is how did you do it? Did you read books? Took classes? Can you give me any advice?

    My mother starting beating me when I was baby, she used to punish and manipulate me. Because of this I became afraid of her and I could never talk to her about anything.

    She also had many dogs, they were always aggressive towards us and visitors, my mother also beat the dog.

    The reason I ask is because I want pets in the future and I want to be sure that I am taking care of them the right way.

    I also want children in the future and as someone who has gone through beatings I will never want my child to go through the same thing, I want to have a connection with my child, I want my child to know I love her/him and that I’m there no matter what.

    – Ryna

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    Hello Tez!

    Did you ever find yourself at a point where you realised you have to improve your selflove?
    Do you have any tips for that and how to care less about what other people think?

    I love you

    Marie from Germany

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    Hi Teresa, thank you so much for all of your amazing Tez talks. I have watched many of them multiple times and they have really helped me.

    I really admire the person you are and the life and career you have built for yourself.

    My dream was to become an actor. Started in Adelaide myself (Actors Ink!) then moved to Sydney to study at some higher profile schools. It all got too much, too competitive, I became less satisfied with myself, I was hard on myself and was given feedback that I was too in my head and I quit. I have since started to ease back into acting again, however feel sad that maybe I could have progressed this career into something more and maybe made it in LA.

    I have a few questions I would love your take on:

    – How do you handle acting in an industry where it can be fickle and judgemental as a spiritual person? How do you protect your spirit, happiness and self esteem when faced with rejection (constant)?

    – I am 27 and I am now living back in Adelaide. Am I too old for Hollywood? If not, what steps would you suggest I could take to make acting a viable and successful career? I want to be myself and stay in healthy, spiritual and positive place this time – any tips?

    – How do you handle the uncertainty of acting from a financial point of view? I am torn between doing a job that pays well and the uncertainty of acting.

    – I am scared on doing screen kissing scenes and/or sex scenes because I have such a beautiful relationship with my partner and I worry that it might disrupt the harmony and effect my relationship. How do yourself and Mark handle this? How do you stay in a healthy and high vibration place together when doing work that is confronting like this?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read these questions. I once met you briefly at your Ever After premier in Adelaide – at the time I didn’t know much about you, but since meeting you – I realised how much of an incredible role model you are as a person and I became an instant fan.

    Wishing you much love, success and happiness!


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    First of all: Thank you Teresa for all your honest insights and the time you spend on connecting with the people all over the world.

    Now to my question – As you always seem so natural in your behavior, balanced and aware of your moods and habits, I was wondering if you ever struggle with being down and feeling melancholic. If so (and I kind of hope that is the case so you can talk about it) how do you cope with those feelings?
    Is there any strategy or guideline that you are following? I am personally having a hard time with both accepting the feelings but not letting them take over me. Sometimes it feels like the emotions, worries or just the melancholic moods are defining either me or my whole day.
    Any advice?

    Thank you again for your time. I am looking forward to the next TezTalks.
    Much love from Germany,


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    I’m so excited that there’s going to be a second Q&A! I found the first so beneficial! Thank you!

    My question is based on a real source of pain for me in my life at the moment so I am desperately seeking advice and would love to hear your thoughts.

    I understand that sometimes people just don’t get along and not everyone is going to like to spend time with you or the things that you say or even the way that you say them. I’ve accepted that we’re all human and all different. But How do you deal with someone who does not like you / you just don’t connect with on any level, especially when they act in certain ways that are hurtful and disrespectful towards you? However, the person is a close friend of my husband and so our paths cross quite a lot and removing myself from a negative situation is causing more friction.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Hello Guys!
    My questions are:
    1- If you are going to write a new list that manifesting your partner, do you think you will write the same details, change something, or create a whole new listing? I mean what has been changed after growing up and having bigger family?
    2- I’m a bare foot and love running. I tried different exercises and different types of shoes but my foot still hurt. Do you have some advice? 🙂

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    Steph Louise

    Hi Teresa,

    Firstly thank you so much for your tea talks series, they have been such a positive and inspiring thing to watch.

    I had a question regarding body image – how do you handle those days when you just wake up feeling fat or negative about your body? Society has such unattainable standards of beauty for women, and the reality is that we live in a society that sadly makes women feel that one of their greatest assets is their body/beauty and some days it can just be hard to shut out society’s voice. Do you have any tips on how to handle those hard moments?

    I also have a question regarding letting go of negative relationships. I chose to end a negative relationship in my life (which I know was the best thing for my own wellbeing) however now I am feeling guilty about ending it and am thinking of reaching out again to the person even though I know nothing has changed. What advice would you have about dealing with guilt when you choose to end a relationship?

    Much love and thanks,
    Steph Louise

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    maelle francou

    Hi Teresa.
    First, thank you so much for your Tez talks, they are so inspiring.
    My questions are :

    – Do you have any advices to learn to love yourself for who you are ?
    – Do you have advices for someone shy, who has difficulties to connect and talk with people ?

    Thank you,

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    My questions are… you ever detox and how do you do it? And, I have been trying to practice mindfulness and suck at it. How did you learn it?

  • #8151

    Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful questions!! We have commenced filming and Teresa is going to try and answer as many as possible that we can fit into series 2. We are now closing submissions but stay tuned for series 3 😉
    Thanks guys!!! xx

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      Hello Cassandra!

      I just submitted a post tonight and then started reading others posts and read yours saying series 2 questions were done last september😬. When you post the discussion board for series 3 should I just resubmit the questions I posted tonight or will it maybe still be looked at for 3rd series? Sorry, should have read others posts first. Thanks so much!


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    Hi Teresa! Just thought of another question, though I already submitted a bunch haha – do you believe in the archangels? If so, which do you feel more of a kinship towards? Who do you call upon the most? (I just recently discovered Archangel Ariel and feel that you would probably feel most connected with what she represents as well!).

    Thank you,

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    TEZ! In one of your TEZ talks about manifesting greatness and love you mentioned that you put a rose quartz ( the love Quartz) on your “Dream Husband List”. Have you used rose quartz in other ways that brought you Romantic or self love? Do you use other crystals that bring more magic in your life? How do you use them?! I would love to know!

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    Hi Teresa.
    Im a 17 years old guy that is having existential problems, and doesnt know where to go or what to do.
    Any advices?

  • #8555


    Hi Teresa,

    I’ve just started my spiritual journey but I tend to forget being impeccable with my word (as suggested by The Four Agreements) so for example I would say something judgmental about a loved one and immediately punish myself for it. How do you maintain a loving attitude to everyone despite the aspects of them that you may not like?
    Also, it’s so easy for me to get triggered by little things that my teenage brother does because I have an extremely short fuse – any tips for staying calm and to stop yourself overreacting?

  • #8557


    What is your favorite quote or saying and why!?

  • #8558


    I would love to know what you think of social media? I’m 18 and I’m really starting to dislike it. Ive had it since I was around 10… I really want to delete it but I feel as if everyone will judge me for it,

  • #8659


    Hey Tez,
    I know that we need both the peaks and valleys in life for balance and growth. I am wondering though what your advice is or any tips you have for when you’re in the valleys.
    Thanks and much love,
    Jemma xo

  • #9702


    Hello, Teresa!
    First, I want to say what an inspiration you and your best friend, Phoebe Tonkin, are to me.
    Your Zen Life has seriously inspired me to live a happy, healthy and full life. I’m just in the beginning of my spiritual journey and a healthy lifestyle but I’m excited to take this journey led by amazing women with amazing insight, experience and advice!

    To live a happier life, I want to pursue a career that will open many doors to things that I’ve always wanted to do, like travel and meet assorted groups of people. That career is acting, so my questions (rather cliche) are:

    – When you were beginning to act, how did you deal with rejection? What did that do to your motivation and self esteem, how would you bounce back from it?
    – Do you have any advice for someone who is starting late, I’m 18, almost 19 years old? I’ve never acted in a production before and the one audition I had, I ended up freaking out because it was in a room of 30 people.

  • #9723


    Hello Teresa and the rest of YZL team! My question for Teresa is about acceptance and control. I am struggling with keeping positive about my relationship with my partner and specifically this is my question: In a loving relationship, how do we distinguish between being acceptant of our partner’s “shortcomings” and sacrificing our needs for the sake of the relationship? My parnter and I are committed and invested in us being happy together but I often find myself feeling like I am dissatisfied with the things I believe are missing. I understand that love is a choice and finding the “right” or “perfect” partner is an illusion and I often realize that I am just looking for things to be unhappy about. But how to dinstinguish between acceptance and a feeling of settling?
    Hope this question isn’t too confusing!
    Thank you =)

  • #9749


    Hi Teresa,
    Love, love, love your site, so refreshing and uplifting. My questions are:
    1. What are your opinions on Himalayan Salt Lamps?
    2. You talk about finding the good in the bad experiences, but I find this really difficult and struggle to find good things or a lesson I have learned from a bad experience, especially when this is the death of a loved one? Do you have any strategies you use to help you with this?
    Thanks so much for taking the time to read my questions, hope you all have a lovely day at YZL 🙂

  • #9755


    Hello Teresa, you really rock, I follow you for months now and your Tez talks make my day each time it’s out! I love this authentic side you practice by yourself and the fact that you take time to share it if us. It really helped me when I was down a few months ago and now I see the light again thanks to you advices! Above all of the questions, I’m asking this one, and I hope you can answer it in a future Tez talk.

    My question is related to the fact that I’ve been practicing theater in Paris for 2 years and I quit a few months ago because acting drama on stage made me too unhappy in life. The « as if » dramatic situation I needed to connect with for the scenes was too strong to forget it during my time off. I didn’t see the link between my desire of being healthy and taking care of myself, and the obligation of digging into raw and hard emotions as anger and suffering. Even if it was some time ago, I miss it everyday. I won’t say I regret my choice, but I think I miss a tool in the acting process, such as : I love catharsis and experiencing drama, but it has such a strong impact on my personal life, I can’t be happy if I do it everyday.

    I’ve seen “I wish you were here” and the way you act and the emotions you had to go through in the scenes and probably before, can you tell me :
    « How do you separate your work which asks you to live tough emotions and dramatic moments, from your deep aspiration to be healthy happy and zen? How do you tell your mind it isn’t real, because acting is about being real too… And letting go the terrible « as if » and go back home completely fine? »

    Thank you so much for your time. You’re doing a fantastic job by creating this community, you inspire us!
    Blessings, Camille from Paris!

  • #9809


    Real quick want to say that I have been a follower of yzl for a couple years now and your videos are so inspirational and always motivate me so thank you for always doing them!! Also, SO excited to hear you want to go further in the future writing a book or starting a business.. YESS girl YES!!

    Anyways, I have 3 very random questions! First one is actually about/for Mark. I won’t go into my long life story but basically I started dating the love of my life/soulmate almost 8 years ago when we were just kids and have obviously grown into adults now but throughout the years he has had a long period of sobriety, relapse and now in recovery again. My question about/or for him/or if you know other people who live in recovery– What were the very first steps he took to start living a zen life while trying to overcome other challenges? Does he have any tips that really helped him in the beginning in becoming a more conscious individual? I don’t know his whole story but I’d love to hear any advice/tips (if it’s not too personal).

    Second — What are your thoughts on the afterlife?

    Lastly — I’ve been waiting to hear of an acceptance into graduate school (applied in fall) and should hear by May. It is my dream career I’ve been working towards for-ev-er and I am a crazy planner so of course not knowing my future for some time now is starting to driving me up the wall. How do you keep the positive thinking going for months and keep the “what if” thoughts away when you know you will know soon enough?

    Ps- You should 100% write a zen parenting book in the future because I look at you raising your kids and I think it’s truly amazing the connection you have with them and how bodhi is so in tune with his emotions/an amazing little human. I know that’s how I would want to be with my future children and I would definitely buy a mama book by you.

    Sorry this is a novel. Thanks girl.
    Xo Lindsay

  • #9823


    Hi Teresa! Love the second series so far and your answers have helped me hugely!

    My question is: how would you go about overcoming an insecurity, for example sexual/physical intimacy? I have had a fear of this my whole life and it’s started to affect my romantic relationships as I really don’t feel comfortable being physically/sexually intimate with someone.

    Thank you so much,

    Lucy x

  • #9828


    My question, that I’d love to hear some thoughts about, is: What to do when brain and heart are in the way of each other instead of being in synchrony and supporting each other? xx love and a hug!

  • #9984

    Cquey Perez

    Hi YZL Community and hello Ms. Teresa!

    I love your latest movie “Berlin Syndrome”. You’re such a great actor! I’m really impressed with your performance. Actually it is your first movie that I watched and because of your impressive performance in the movie, I really got curious about you.

    I started following you on Instagram then I found your “Your Zen Life”. I also love Law of Attraction and it’s been part of my daily life for 4 years now. I realized that the Universe direct me to you, to the path and people where I could find the same passion for taking care of well-being. I’m so grateful that I always trust the Universe will guide me to the directions where I could learn more from people who believes and doing the same thing. I’m so grateful to have learned about you and to find your “Your Zen Life”! I’m excited to read all articles here and to watch all your “Tez Talks”.

    My question is: When do you learn about Law of Attraction and what makes you realized that it is actually works and responds to your thoughts?

    Thank you so much!
    xoxo Cquey from Manila Philippines xoxo

  • #10289


    How do you find value in feedback that is given in a negative way?
    How do you shake unsolicited criticism?
    How do you deal with negativity/criticism toward your art/creation/business?

    How do you eat healthy while traveling, especially when produce care is questionable?

    Thanks so much. xx.

  • #10290


    How do you stick with selecting healthy eating choices in times where everyone around you are making unhealthy choices (that taste really good)?

  • #10319


    Lovely series of videos. I’m also a pisces. Random fast but that’s out there. I have two questions:

    -What strategies and tools would you recommend to those dealing with anxiety or depression?

    -With YZL and acting, you have a composite career. How do you find the balance between two careers? How do you decide which wolf to feed?

    Thanks Lisa

    ps. discovered you through Discovery of Witches. Very excited to see you embody Diana.

  • #10393


    Hi Teresa, do you have any advice on how to overcome negative feelings such as jealousy? Example: Being envious of other people’s success, looks, lives, etc.. How can I stop comparing myself with others?

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