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    For someone who is newly entering this community, I’m having difficulty explaining to my friends and family the aspects of a spiritual and zen life especially since I’m not entirely sure myself. How can I explain to them what manifestation is, or even what it means to live a spiritual life?

    Thank you!

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    What an interesting question! But I’ll let the others answer because I’m quite new too.

    The only things I can tell you from my little experience is… I didn’t explain it to my friend or family, I live it.
    They actually don’t know what I’m doing but they know there’s something new in my life.
    I don’t have to explain it, they’re feeling it. I stop my studies, I refuse a job for my happiness, I give a lot to people, I see more my family and my friend and I’m smiling every time and every day. I’m also more quiet, my stress is less important and I change my clothes, my look and my way to think and judge. I start practicing respiration exercise and meditation.

    I’m still on a way of spiritual and zen life but they don’t know it. It’s my work and I do this alone. They help me without know it. And of course, none of this would be happen without YZL.

    I don’t know If you understand what I mean… practice it, find your way and you’ll feel and find your zen life. And they will feel that too. I’m too young and inexperiment to have words yet, to explain why I’m doing this (well, actualy, I can explain but not entirely), so right now, I’m doing this and I let all the people around me feel my happiness.

    Hope you’ll find your spirituality and your zen life!

    With all my love!

    P.S: Sorry for my english…

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