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    Over the last few years I have begun to radically change my life. As I have grown and changed and transition into my zen life (MZL) it has become very important to me that the products I purchase are positive not just for me, but for the earth and others that share this planet with me.

    I have decided that I will only buy used clothing and ethical brand clothing. And last year, after discovering From Molly With Love, I will no longer put crappy chemicals on my body. I have also been dipping into essential oils for health care.

    I was hoping that others could share where they purchase clothing and other products they use. Any tips they have for transitioning to a zero waste home (especially when you have a partner who isn’t as interested in doing so).

    Thank you for taking the time to offer advice and reflect with me.

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    Lil hippie

    Hi There!

    I love this and am going through the same and constantly researching 🙂 I love to give clothes to either 2nd hand stores (and also buying from those), which after washes from being pre used I believe the toxins have come down slightly (could be super wrong here but that is not my main way of shopping) OR giving clothes to friends or goodwill. I love PRANA for workout clothing, Krochet Kids, Alternative Apparel, EVOLVE, Threads for Thought for basics. I can share more later, that I don’t shop at but have come across 🙂

    Products I love:
    For the face I love Andalou, you can get this from Sprouts or Target (depending where you are) I am very happy with their products ! Make up I use: Tarte, some physicians formula, and Pacifica (also a target/Sprouts brand).

    I hope others share on this topic because I would love to hear about other brands out there with all those lovely earth saving/animal saving vibes 😀

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    I look forward to looking into these brands you suggested. We have Target so I should be able to find Andalou.

    I recently signed up for Thrive Market to widen my access to GF items. Although they don’t have as large a selection as say Amazon, I like that you can narrow your search by GF/Paleo/Vegan(and many other options) it helps make it a little easier to find things.

    Lately I have been doing my clothes and household shopping at thrift stores like goodwill/savers/turnstyle I feel like I am finding treasure without having to have something created new. I also enjoy the search. I know its not for everyone but I like it.

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    Great idea thx

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