Child Sponsorship – Keyri Update #3

Hello everyone! This update should have happened already as we have received 2 correspondences from Keyri – but due to a personal life tragedy that Tina and I are now just coming out the other side of, that earlier update was put on hold. 

So, like I said, we have received two sweet updates from Keyri. The latest pictured below. The more we learn about her and her situation, the more we want to find ways to care and help her and her mother. The most emotional part of her newest ‘get to know me’ was that she takes baths in a sink. It tore open our hearts and we both shed some tears of sadness. But, at least on the positive side she is not taking baths in a creek/river or from a well so that did make us feel better. But it also opened our perception to those many children who are even less fortunate than Keyri as far as bathing is concerned. Also knowing she lives in a small metal shack with dirt flooring is so hard to even comprehend. We take our own lives and everything we have for granted when so many little ones and adults around the world would be awestruck at even stepping a bare foot onto a carpet, or standing under a shower head, or laying in a nice hot bathtub, among many, many other things we have in our daily lives and don’t give a second thought about.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.59.15 pm

In her letter, (full size pictured below) the picture she drew for us is so precious of her favorite thing to do during the day, skipping rope. So darn cute! Since it typically takes 2 to 3 months to receive a reply, we have not heard about how she likes the stickers and coloring book pages we sent her. 


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.00.51 pm

Monetarily helping Keyri and her mom is very important to us. We pledge our $38 dollars a month and have the options to give money to Keyri and her mom (maximum set amounts per year) for things they need and for the household. Keyri’s birthday is in December, so we recently sent a dollar amount to her. The staff will help her pick out toys she wants which is really nice. We also sent a family contribution for her mom which the staff will purchase an item or items she needs to help her in the household and deliver it/them to her. Also, with Christmas coming up, we made a pledge to Keyri so that she has a gift(s) from us. 

How Christmas giving works, which we really applaud Compassion International for, is that all sponsored children receive a gift worth the same monetary value (different gifts for each kid). Basically, they take all of the Christmas donations to sponsored children for that location, add them up, and divide it between how many children are in the program. They do this since not all children get sponsorship Christmas money so they do not want to leave any child present-less at Christmas. This purpose is openly laid out to all sponsors when they give to their child for Christmas so that they understand how the process works. We for one, love the idea and how it works because how sad would it be for those sponsored children not getting a gift for Christmas while others did? This way, no matter what, every sponsor child gets a gift. 

Well, that is the current update with our sponsorship of Keyri. Another update will come sooner than this one did, most likely after Christmas!

Cheers and blessings to you all. 

Craig MacLachlan