Child Sponsorship – Keyri Update #2

Tina and I are still sponsoring our lovely little girl, Keyri from El Salvador. It has been an amazing 4 month journey so far. Since we began sponsoring her, we have written 5 letters to her. About 40 days into the sponsorship, we received our first “get to know you” letter from our 7 year old sweetheart. A translator helped her write words in English, but there were some words like her name she wrote herself. It was magical to learn more about her. The neatest part about the letter was a picture she drew for us! The picture for this article is the picture she drew. It brought us to tears when we saw it as it is just so beautiful and warmed our hearts.


Bless her little soul. In our letters to her, we send pictures of ourselves and of animals we see out in nature as she loves them. We have also sent her stickers and are about to send her some coloring book pages. We have yet to hear from her again and it is going on 3 months, but we learned that it typically takes that long to get a letter from a sponsor child, especially when they are as young she.


In our letters to her we just love giving her words of encouragement, hope, belief and love. The organization we sponsor through, Compassion International has stated they are working on new ways to communicate in the future. What those are, I don’t know, but hopefully it will be emails and/or video chats.


Once we receive another letter from Keyri and as her birthday approaches in October, I will discuss giving monetary gifts to her on special occasions such as her birthday, Christmas as well as family contributions to help her and her mother obtain much needed household goods and other things.


Tina and I are only in the beginning stages of our long journey with Keyri and look forward to getting to know her better as the years unfold-and to hopefully visit her one day!


Cheers and Blessings to each and every one of you!



Craig MacLachlan is the Young Adult author of Summer’s Shadow, book one in the Sierra Winters and the Void trilogy. He is also a screenwriter and has started his own film/production company, Rowan Rose Films. He is an animal lover, outdoor enthusiast, environmentalist, a trying to be pure vegetarian/vegan, not a fan of snow but lives in it, and is married to his first and only girlfriend, Christina, who he started dating 1989.