Child Of The Sun

No one wakes up looking to stress themselves out. It just happens. Stress is part of everybody’s lives. I tend to overthink and over stress about pretty much anything and everything that can possibly go wrong. Sometimes even the most random things stress me out for no absolute reason. 

My way of getting stress free? The sun. When the sun warms my skin, I can feel my skin glowing and my breathes becomes longer and I calm down really fast. It clears my mind and we all know a clear mind is a healthy mind. 

There are so many benefits of being in the sun. Your skin clears up from all the vitamin D the sun supplies, your mind clears up, and you feel great – with overall little effort required. Just something about being out in the great outdoors. Even spending time on a hike, so you are also engaging in fitness or out in the garden or doing something you love to do outside (like reading a book!) can make all the difference. Of course we need to be mindful of the facts, the sun can age you and cause damage if you don’t take care of yourself, but If you take care of your skin and body it will take care of you. Making sure you put on sun screen and appropriate clothing to cover up is essential. 

I said the sun was good for you, but like all things, too much is not. For me, the sun is the ultimate stress reliever. There is nothing like taking my puppy, Max, out for a walk at our local state park, Ha Ha Tonka, and feeling the sun hitting my cheeks and shoulders, warming them as I walk their trails. The beach is also the perfect place to cleanse the soul. Laying on the sand under the sun for an hour or so, going for a swim in the salty ocean, then repeating this cycle for a couple hours is also the perfect way to clear your body on the outside and the inside. 

A big reason I first found my love for the sun was that in about 7th grade, I started having trouble with acne. I know, not fun right? It makes anyone feel nasty and insecure. But once summer came, I would go out in the sun for an hour or two every day whether it’d be the pool, the beach, or just out in the backyard, and my skin would clear up within days. The salt from the ocean and the rays from the sun were a perfect remedy for me. I find a healthy amount of sun can give your body the vitamins and life to help it work. 

For me, it works as one many different types of ways to be healthy. For me, the sun frees my negative thoughts and gives me a reason to relax and see all the brighter things happening to me and what I have ahead. I’m proud to be a child of the sun, because I know that it will take care of me and anyone else who gives it a chance.

I learned everything I know about myself form the world. Every place I have ever been has taught me something new. Currently on a mission to experience as much as possible so I can have no regrets when it’s time to move on.

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