Can We Really Manifest Our Goals?


Predating Huna is the ancient religion of Hawaii known as Ho’omana. Ho’omana is a practice of developing unconditional love for one’s self, and growing into one’s own power to create your desired life. One of my favorite exercises we used in our halau (school), was known as making a list of ho’okupu (gifts of reverence) and makana (gifts). We would make a list of 5 makana, and 5 ho’okupu that we wanted in our lives. Then we would then give them to our teacher to help us manifest them with his intent.

This practice was not just to get what we thought we wanted, but to learn what we truly want and how to phrase it. Our teacher helped our gifts manifest, but if we weren’t specific, we might have ended up with something completely different than we hoped. One massage therapist asked for a larger clientele, and literally got larger clientele. A bunch of 300 plus pound people started going to her for massage work! Another person asked for a little cash, and their spouse brought home a little dog named cash.

This practice might sound odd to some, but anyone can play with goals, and manifestation. For a basic spiritual way, all you have to do is write a list of 5 gifts you deeply want, and 5 basic gifts that you want. Once you are ready, walk outside at the new year, or even just a new moon. Look towards the moon and say what you want, and send it up with intent to be received by any power/energy/spirit out there who wants to help. If you believe in a certain religion, ask whoever you believe in to help you. If you have a friend who wants to do this too, that will help as your combined intent will bring more attention to it. Then just keep an eye and ear out for opportunities that may manifest. If something seems like a door, take it. If you find that your opportunities are manifesting differently than you had hoped, then maybe you need to change your wording of your request. Or maybe you will just decide it is time to expand your comfort zone.

Whether or not you believe in this as a possibility, the practice of thinking about what you want, and the intent of trying to manifest it will go a long ways. It is a transition from being at the world’s mercy, to knowing what you want, and proactively finding ways to get it. The Hawaiian spiritual way of doing this is simply one way. You can always take spirituality out of the process. Just think about what you want and write down ideas of how you can achieve it. Give it a try in whatever form is comfortable to you. Have fun with it too!

Matt has studied wellness for much of his life and currently works to assist people with their health through bodywork therapies. He also enjoys training in traditions such as yoga and martial arts. 
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