Can Thoughts Turn To Things?

What are our feelings and how do we become in tune with them? Our feelings are like their own entity, coming and going as they please. Have you ever noticed that your thoughts have a huge part in the way you feel? Have you ever noticed that when you think of negative things, you don’t feel good? Or when you think of positive things, you feel inspired? Good? Better?

Our thoughts are vibrational signals that are emitted from us out into the external world. What we think about is a projection of what we are telling the Universe (God, Spirit, etc) that we are wanting to attract into our lives.

Everyone wants things, yes? Money, clothes, relationships, a new job, more of this, more of that. We all want these things because we believe in the having of it, we will feel better. I’d like to share something with you that will help increase the amount of manifestations you cultivate into your life.

Maybe you have heard that you are the creator of your own reality. This is by far the most profound thing we can come to recognize as a human. The Universe (as you your own) does not know whether what you are thinking about is what you want or not. It receives your signal, and returns it to you. Pretty neat, right?

So, what you think about, you get. If you focus on the aspects of people that annoy you, how you don’t have enough money, that you are a victim to life’s circumstances, then you will continuously attract more of those “negative” things into your life. If you think about how blessed you are, how there is abundance all around you, how nice you look today, how much you enjoy kindness, then you will attract more “positivity” into your life.

Starting to make sense? So, about these feelings.

I have a challenge for you, and it sounds much easier said than done. The challenge is to lift yourself up by your own thoughts, as much as possible. The more you think about things that make you feel good (imagining how you want your life to be, thinking about cooking, puppies, nature, anything that shifts your feeling-state to a better one), the more receptive you are to receive the things you want most. All you have to do, is focus upon things that make you feel good, and the Universe will conspire to bring you all that you have ever wanted.

I’ll give you a quick example from personal experience. In February of 2016 I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years (it took me months to find the courage to stand up and say I was unhappy). As soon as things ended and I moved into my old bedroom at my parents, I began to feel a sense of freedom. I was no longer weighed down by something that didn’t serve me anymore, and I had so much hope and inspiration to live my life to the fullest. I was ready to be single, to go on adventures and practice yoga as much as possible. I was in such a good mood all of the time, focusing on things that made me feel good and grateful for everything I had. It wasn’t even a full month later, I met Michael, my Fiancé. I was in such a high vibeing place that the Universe led me right to him.

The more you feel good, the more of what you want will come your way. So inspire yourself, spend time in nature, make how you feel the most important thing in your life. Watch what will come when you put your happiness above all.


Sarah has a passion for health, wellness, and all things beautiful. As a yoga teacher and artist, Sarah is constantly channeling creativity into all areas of her life. She enjoys sharing about her journey and what’s helped her along the way.
Instagram: @soulfulsarahh