The Big Dogs in Fast Fashion That Have (Finally) Hopped on The Eco-Friendly Train

Sure enough, now that eco-fashion has gained popularity and more people want to spend their money in stores that do right by our planet, more and more established brands have jumped on the eco-bandwagon. While I strongly encourage everyone to explore local second-hand shops or small sustainable fashion brands – as it’s important to support small and local businesses – I do applaud the actions big brands like H&M have taken. As more and more companies have launched a sustainable fashion collection, I thought I would make a short list for you guys. This way, you are aware of the eco-friendlier options, in case you do ever find yourself in one of these shops or you know someone who loves them but doesn’t know about the eco-sustainable and ethical clothing they carry. Spread the green word!

  • H&M’s Conscious collection: H&M launched its first more sustainable collection of clothing in 2013. Just two months ago, they released their new goal to use “100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.”
  • Zara’s Join Life collection: this fairly new contemporary clothing line is animal and forest friendly.
  • Mango’s Committed collection: this high street brand is finally catching up as it released its first sustainable collection this spring.
  • Levi’s Water<Less™: since launching its new Water<Less™ techniques, “which reduce the amount of water used to manufacture a pair of jeans by up to 96 percent,” the company has saved more than 1 billion litres of water. By 2020, they aim to make 80% of their products using their new techniques.

Even though this all sounds amazing, don’t forget that big businesses aren’t green at heart. We are! As long as we keep demanding businesses to find ways to minimise their carbon footprint, I believe we can slow down fast fashion and make sustainability the norm.


Suzanne Verheul is an MA literature student from the Netherlands. Currently living in London, she has a passion for books, journalism, slow-fashion, and vegetarianism. 
Instagram: @suzanneverheul/