Benefits Of Travel

I always like to think of travel as a privilege. You can either do it, or you can’t. Sometimes it may be because of bad timing, or financial reasons or sometimes it can be because of different types of travel phobias – such as fear of flying or crossing oceans. But, I personally think there is such rewarding benefits from taking a trip every now and then, whenever you can, and on whatever scale.


Sometimes, even though it might be hard, it’s good to just make time, go out on a limb and schedule an adventure. I feel like the world has a lot to teach and there is so much to learn. Therefore, travel can, in so many ways help bond this symbiotic relationship. I say symbiotic meaning that both the world and myself benefit. Because, not only am I coming him with more knowledge and experience, but the places i go keep a part of me. It makes me aware of that area and any place benefits from awareness. There is always something going on, somewhere in the world, and so it is wonderful for a traveler, such as myself, to help increase awareness from the things I have learned. One person can make a difference and it is great to step out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind when traveling.


Another reason you can benefit from traveling, in my opinion, is the bragging rights. I know it may seem a bit cheeky, but I would much rather be able to say I have been swimming with turtles in St Thomas rather than brag about owning a fancy car or having lots of money. Because travel can make you so much richer in knowledge and life experience. To me, experience and memories are much more memorable and should be cherished, because let’s face it – you can’t take a fancy car with you when you die.


I must warn you though, travel can be very addictive. Once you see a new place and learn the beauty and the culture of it, it just makes you want to see and experience and learn more.


There are some things you should look into when starting your adventure:

– Make sure you are aware of any foods you must avoid or if you can’t drink the water

– It never hurts to find a travel buddy, it’s a lot more satisfying to experience with someone else

– It’s also a good idea to get a budget for your trip. Such as spending money, transport and accommodation

– Think about ways to bring your trip home with you: like taking a camera and buying post cards

– Try and enjoy your trip without bringing any stressed from home along with you. What I mean by that is not doing work on your laptop, being immersed in social media. it makes a huge difference when all you have to think about is the present moment and not worry about work, school or other stresses

– Make sure to try new things! Take the scenic route!



Ian Wilson: I learned everything I know about myself from the world. Every place I have ever been has taught me something new.  Currently on a mission to experience as much as possible so I can have no regrets when it’s time to move on. 
Instagram: @ianwilson97