Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the new trend that has made it’s way into our kitchens and into our beauty stash. Beauty stash? Yes, you heard that correctly! While coconut oil can be used against medical problems, such as: weight loss, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, irritable bowel disease (IBS) and many other medical situations, it can also be used as a main component in many beauty secrets. 

First thing’s first: What’s the difference between virgin coconut oil and non-virgin coconut oil? The difference is rather simple. Virgin coconut oil is generally unprocessed and has not been bleached, deodorized and refined. It’s as pure as it can get. I personally prefer virgin coconut oil because I believe in an all-natural lifestyle. 

Preliminary research shows that coconut oil may have a healthy effect on your cholesterol profile, as well as building up your body’s immune defenses and recharging your metabolism. While there have not been a lot of studies done on medical benefits of coconut oil, it has been found that MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) may lead to modest weight loss when substituted for other oils. Since there have not been many research studies done on coconut oil, researchers have found that diseases such as heart disease were not found running rampant in areas such as Polynesia, where most of their people’s fat is consumed from fresh coconuts.

Because coconut oil includes MCT’s, these MCT’s provide our brain with a special type of fuel that may help people with Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions. In a study launched by the University of South Florida, David Morgan, PhD found that when Alzheimer’s patients take coconut oil, it appears that “healthy parts of the brain work better.” Now that we know that coconut oil can fight against many medical problems, it’s almost important to know that coconut oil is rich in healthy saturated fat as well as kills bacteria that may be living in your gut. 

When incorporating coconut oil into your beauty routine, it is important to know that cocount oil is rich in texture and does not require any harsh chemicals to help to boost it’s effectiveness. Coconut oil can deeply penetrate your hair shatfs and help prevent damage. Coconut oil can also be directly applied to your skin to help fight against redness, acne, eczema, psoriasis and even rashes. If you’re not comfortable applying coconut oil directly to your skin or hair, many all-natural products have incorporated coconut into their products.

One of my favorite DIY masks actually includes coconut oil and raw honey! Coconut oil and raw honey both fight against beauty blemishes such as: acne, redness, eczema and even something as simple as sensitive skin. With these two superfoods teaming up together, it’s exciting to see the results that can stem from them! 


  • Pinch of virgin coconut oil
  • Small squirt of raw honey

Now, all you have to do is mix those two together until the coconut oil is completely liquified along with the raw honey. Next, you rub the mixture onto your clean face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Once you’re able to relax for those quick 15 minutes, rinse off your simpe DIY mask with lukewarm water. That’s it! 

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m a college student on a journey to lead a happy and healthy life. I’m excited to share healthy recipes, natural beauty ideas and smiles!