Starting The New Year With Positivity


Surely by now, we’ve all heard enough about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions but have we actually got any meaningful ones of our own? We’ve seen many people achieve their New Year’s resolutions from last year but just as many, if not more, whose words spoke louder than their actions. Whether or not you have a New Year’s resolution, starting the year with being positive as one of your resolutions can help you fulfil a happier life.

A New Chapter

Being that time of the year again, where we open up a new chapter in our lives, there will naturally be a lot of change. For some people the New Year means a chance to move on and try something new, whether that’s buying a house or a car, taking on a new job or just trying to change your life for the better. Whatever the New Year has in store for you, making sure we set our sights on a goal and fulfil it, will help towards a positive start for the new year. So why not make that goal to be positive, this way you’re filling two needs with one deed.

charity volunteering


Volunteering at a charity or helping someone in need is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Selflessness is an amazing trait for someone to have and by showing the care you have for others can really spread positivity. If you don’t know where to start, just do a quick Google search to find local charities in your area. Do some research on the type of charity work they do and if it sounds like something you want to be a part of then go ahead and get in touch with them. Keep in mind most charities are non-profit organisations, so any small amount of help you can give them will be a real boost to their work. Big charities like Unicef and the NSPCC do some amazing work to better the lives of others but these organisations often have more help than they need so why not help your smaller local charity and make a difference in your area.



Donating clothes, electronic devices and toys you no longer use to people who are less fortunate is a great way to give back. It is similar to volunteering as you are helping others in need and you have the good feeling of knowing you helped make someone’s day better by donating simple things that we take for granted. Most people would otherwise have thrown out these things or stored them in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

Reflect & Review

One of the best ways to start the new year outright is by reviewing the year that’s just gone by. Reflect on your successes and failures and tell yourself what you will do better this year and what you want to achieve. Choose a focus word like ‘organisation’ or ‘punctuality’ to be your priority. For example, if you choose ‘organisation’, set yourself a goal to maintain a level of organisation throughout the year. Being organised proves to be greatly beneficial if you have a busy schedule. If you know what you need to do and when to do it beforehand it will relieve the stress of last minute planning. After all, rushing to an appointment or meeting creates more problems than solutions.



Sometimes with our busy schedules, having the time to catch up with family and friends is difficult. But seeing family and friends occasionally can boost morale when you’re feeling down or lonely. So before you stress yourself with more work, tell yourself that friends and family always comes first. With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with family no matter where they live or work in the world. If you’re not in touch regularly, set yourself a goal to be in contact more often. If you have family that live on the other side of the world to you, and there’s no chance of either party taking the trip to visit each other, then keep in mind that you have access to Skype and other video calling tools.

Keeping Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle leads to numerous benefits that impact you both physically and mentally. Doing 30 minutes of exercise everyday can gradually improve your fitness. Of course doing exercise is not the only factor to keep in consideration when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What you eat is just as important to the exercise you do. Whether you are vegan or not, there are hundreds of healthy options for you to choose from to help you maintain that healthy lifestyle.

These are just a few ways you can start the new year with positivity. By helping others, donating, keeping in touch with family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will be surprised how easy it can be to keep positive throughout the year.