Be Where Your Feet Are

Be where your feet are. I hadn’t even realised I’d said it until a mum who was on a live online call with me reminded me. I had asked everyone, ‘What’s your biggest takeaway from the session?’ She said, ‘I loved how you said, ‘Be where your feet are.’ Had I? Why had I said that?


That’s right! I was talking about those times when we feel off centre, not grounded, out of whack. Our energy levels are off and it’s difficult to feel loving and present.


I’d just had a morning where I was feeling frazzled. I’d finally got the kids to school and sat down at my work desk. But nothing was flowing and I found it difficult to focus. I was frustrated. I need to get on with this! I have limited time to work! The school day is so short! I could feel myself spiralling into a vortex of unhelpful thought patterns. When that happens, I know it’s time to get out of my head and drop into my heart and soul.


I need to listen to that well of wisdom within me and see what comes up. Then I need to trust and try. So I asked myself, ‘What do I need right now?’ I checked in. I listened. The answer was, ‘Go outside, walk on the back lawn in bare feet.’ So I did. I trusted and tried. That’s when I realised that I just needed to be where my feet are. As a reminder to be present. As a way to get grounded. And as a way to shift my energy. As a way to anchor in. Perfect. I came back to my work space and everything began to flow again.


But this is what I’ve learnt about parenting and about life. If I feel the same way next week, going out onto the back lawn in bare feet might not work. That may not be my remedy. Just as if my child behaves like that, then doing what I did yesterday might not work today. Or following that sleep routine might work for a few days but not forever. Or tonight’s dinner might be devoured while the same meal next week is neglected.


The dynamic of life means that today’s solution might not be tomorrow’s elixir. That’s why the only certainty seems to be this: Check in. Use your insight. Tap into your inner wisdom. Ask the question. Be present. Be mindful. Be aware. Be curious. Be inquisitive. Be where your feet are. Then you’ll discover what’s right for today – what’s right for this moment.


Today I will be where my feet are.




Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, intuitive parenting specialist and mum. She shares daily doses of insights, ideas and inspiration on her free podcast show Intuitive Parenting Daily and is the creator of the Intuitive Parenting App – a toolkit, a daily reminder, a virtual classroom, an online community and a sacred space. You can begin a 7 day free trial here. 


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