Battle of The Holiday Bulge



holidays are upon us. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the holiday
cheer, Tis’ the season of expanding your waistline. Between family
gatherings, potlucks at work, and the occasional holiday happy hour, the
month of December should officially be called National Weight Gain

the holiday season with the pervasive mentality that “I’ll start on
January 1st” can undercut everything you have been working towards all
year. Thus, you have to fight it. Don’t give in!

here’s the challenge. Reject the “I’ll start on January 1st” mentality.
 Don’t fool yourself into believing that you deserve to reward yourself
by over indulging during the last month of the year.

Here are some tips that will help you take on this challenge:

people!  We all have it but lose sight of it. Like everything else it
takes practice to be good at utilizing your willpower. Just because
there is a table full of desserts doesn’t mean you have to try each one.

you know you are going to attend a holiday gathering hit the gym the
day of, if possible, or the day after. This will help offset the amount
of calories you consume.  Plus it keeps your metabolism working
efficiently. The holiday season isn’t a license for you not to work out.
It just means you have to plan better and stay committed.

at the gym “kill it.” Don’t take the easy road. Lift those weights, run
like a dog, spin like a freak. The point is that if you work hard,
hopefully you”ll be less likely to stuff your face and sweat in vain.

the event calls for it, make your own low-calorie dishes and bring them
with you. Thus you control what ingredients go in your meal.

all else fails and you know that the holiday spirit is making you feel
weak. Eat a healthy meal before you go out and arrive fashionably late.

is the year in which you finish strong. Fight the urge to give into
what everyone else is doing, so that when the New Year rolls around
you’re continuing see those results!

Roberto Chavez is a nationally certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, and endurance athlete.
After receiving an MA from CSULA he decided to change his career path and took a grand leap of faith by
deciding to immerse himself in the world of fitness as a vocation. Since then he has accumulated several
fitness certifications from AFFA, NASM, Bally Total Fitness, and the Ketchum Downtown YMCA, all while
simultaneously completing several marathons, duathlons, and triathlons. Roberto presently works at the
Ketchum Downtown YMCA. He is also Race Director and co-founder of the 5K for Earth Day in Chicago,

through which he teaches the community the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Twitter: @youcanlift